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  • adams white lie

    i met adam 1 year ago when josh came in town for our local trade show.

    i arranged to pick up josh at the airport and meet up with adam and my buddy steve to play a round of golf.

    adam said he hadn't played, but just wanted to hang with us

    so for not playing he did well.

    then a couple of weeks ago we played again in san diego with the same line up.

    adam did even better. he even hit the pin/flag on his drive.

    so yesterday afternoon, joey calls adam to discuss last minute roundup details.

    adam said he had to call back later as he was golfing

    come to find out he plays 4-6 times a month for the last 18 months.

    so all this time i was praising adam for him hanging with us on the golf course, he was just sand bagging me.

    josh, were you in on this spoof

    so what are some of the myths that others on the forum would like solved?

    is ridgid owned by home depot?

    no. owned by emerson electric.

    do i work for ridgid

    no. but i probably have paid some of the salaries for the guys

    please post some questions and lets see if we can set you straight

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    phoebe it is

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    Re: adams white lie

    Like I will tell you