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Beautiful Monster Bell

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  • Beautiful Monster Bell

    Needless to say you just have to be there when this one rings. Make that be there but at a good safe distance. Look at all the beautiful work on it. What a shame it's high up where only few get to see it. My hope is that they took loads of good pictures, enlarged them to huge size and posted them where all may see.

    The name of this bell is Pummerin.
    The mass of this bell is 20,130kg
    The Great bell of Austria.
    The bell is 3rd great of Europe.
    The Diameter of this bell is 3.14m.
    The high of this bell is 2.94m.

    Please note that Woussko has never been anywhere near there, but now I'm inspired and may just have to go see and hear and feel it. That one shakes the city.!!!