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A Big Thank You to Ridge Tool!

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    Re: A Big Thank You to Ridge Tool!

    i will but this trip got here to become a ridgid forum junkie ,she is checking in all the time now

    My seek the peek fundraiser page

    new work pictures 12/09


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      Re: A Big Thank You to Ridge Tool!

      This trip was unbelievable. I can see why Ridgid is so successful, the people behind the products are fantastic. The interaction during the open discussion will stand out it my mind. Everyone did such a great job from the hotel arrangements, to the entertainment, to the factory tour-everything was great. The entire staff has a vaction home in Virginia Beach as long as I'm here(I got some room in the shed). Thanks again.
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        Re: A Big Thank You to Ridge Tool!

        Originally posted by ToUtahNow View Post
        It looks like Rick has a new ghost writer, nice post Joey.

        actually i posted at 11:50 pm. i just never reset the forum time clock from pst to est.

        joey was asking me to read my post to her. she approved and i posted it.

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        phoebe it is


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          Re: A Big Thank You to Ridge Tool!

          Sounds like it was a great time. It's really nice for Ridgid to do all this for us. The payoff for them will come through the years with customers like me who didn't even go, but will remember their efforts and stay loyal. As an example, this makes the difference between me getting the Ridgid router or something else. Looks like it'll be the Ridgid for me.

          Thanks, to all the folks at Ridgid, for the work you do. Ridgid tool quality make it possible for us to provide quality work to our customers.
          I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.