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  • My Personal Thanks

    I wanted to post a separate thread to say thanks to two very special groups of people.

    First, I want to thank Ridge Tool for being an unbelievable company who truly cares about a young guy starting out in the pipe trades industry. My previous idea of such a large company is that I am just another drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things, and no one would ever care if I bought your equipment or not. I could not have been more wrong!

    When I stepped off of that bus in front of your facility I had chills. I have never felt so important in my life. The professionalism, kindness, generosity and family spirit was so obvious. This is why Ridgid Tool will continue to move forward as a leader in the construction tools industry. Your attention to detail was flawless and spot on.

    Also, thanks for having the willingness to stay with the times and providing guys like me a place to grow as a person and a company on the Ridgid Forums. It has become an addiction to me and I look forward to viewing and participating as much as time allows.

    This brings me to my second point, I want to thank all of the forum members I was able to spend time with at the Roundup. I am still fairly new here and I have been welcomed in rather quickly compared to other forums that I have tried to participate in.

    I feel like my opinion really matters whether everyone agrees or not. It is an excellent resource for quality information pertaining to the rigors of my job. Meeting all of you in person really put so much in prospective and tied your personality on here to that of you in person. You all rock!!!

    Thanks for being everything I expected and more!


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    Re: My Personal Thanks

    It was great having you here Jake. BTW... how was Greyhawk on Sunday? Did you guys make it? Pretty windy so I am sure the course showed its teeth. Wish I coulda played with you guys. Next time I am up in the Chicagoland area I'll give you a buz.



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      Re: My Personal Thanks

      We did make it to Greyhawk and it showed its fangs. Wow what a nice course. The picture I attached was the hole that was the most fun.

      We had a blast and made good time getting home too. Thanks again Josh!
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        Re: My Personal Thanks

        so.... come one.. what was the damage. My firs round I ever played there I think I had a 115


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          Re: My Personal Thanks

          We stopped counting after 11. It was brutal. I believe that a little more sleep the previous couple of days may have contributed to better play, but we gave up keeping score when Chris could not stay out of the sand.

          I think we sold them out of Gatorade. It was hot and we were thirsty. I'm not sure why either.

          We have made the decision that we will throttle it down majorly for future events because we will probably enjoy ourselves more.

          I want to play that course again for sure and hopefully you can make it.


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            Re: My Personal Thanks

            Originally posted by jrsaltz View Post
            We have made the decision that we will throttle it down majorly for future events because we will probably enjoy ourselves more.
            I don't know, you look like you had a good time to me.
            Buy cheap, buy twice.


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              Re: My Personal Thanks

              you looked like you had fun on the pendulum ride

              My seek the peek fundraiser page


              new work pictures 12/09