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  • Write a Book, or Make a Movie

    There is something very special about this Forum and I think it's worthy of sharing with the general public. I've read of frendships, heart breaking and uplifting stories here. I have received mature private messages of support and caring for my personal issues. Unlike most of the Internet where small, cruel, disrespectful people pass time trying to hurt others, The Ridgid Forum is a place where good people help others. There is a story here and while I'm not up to the task I'll bet the right person could make it happen. I would once again like to thank Josh for setting the bar high, Ridgid for providing the Forum and the good people who post here.

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    Re: Write a Book, or Make a Movie

    i agree this fourm is awesome, but i would not write a book nor do a movie about it, i have to say neither would come close to doing it any justice.

    i to have had some of my highest and lowwest moments here on this forum. let's see i sold a bisseness and moved to florida met some friends stopped smokeing and learned ever so much then there was a car wreck that hurt so bad and then the loss of my wife(i miss you so much) to dealing with theft in this area.

    i have to admit i have been on 10 or more forums and this is the only one i countine to come back every day some times 4-5 times a day.

    i could see a movie or a book made, and a few select members highlighted (plumber rick, westcoast, hvac hack, badger dave)just to name a very shourt few, but i could never see it bringing that ..... that something that this fourm has. you know what i mean?
    9/11/01, never forget.