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Anyone used one of these?

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  • Anyone used one of these?

    It's called a LiquiVac, and it intended for sucking motor oil from you small motors like lawn mowers, garden tractors, what have you. Also good for motorcycles they claim (but I don't remember having any trouble changing the oil on my Low Rider when I had it).

    Anyway, Thinking of getting one to change the oil in my lawn tractor. Looks easier, cleaner, and faster than the conventional method. As I write this i am thinking it might have other uses that are unforeseen by the manufacturer, can you think of a way to use it other than on small gasoline motors? There's a YouTube video on their site showing it being used. 14 seconds to suck the oil out of a push mower and no mess.
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    Re: Anyone used one of these?

    looks like a handy tool to have around. For that price, why not?