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Warranty question on air compressor

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  • Warranty question on air compressor

    On 6-15-2008 my compressor model #OF 45150A, serial # L10/11/06 66036 broke the conecting rod. I purchased the unit on 2-24-2007.
    I've been having extreme difficulty contacting ridgid and finding a service center I contacted five centers listed on the ridgid web site all of which say they will not do warranty work. I finally found one and they said the warranty changed to a one year from the date of manufacture from the three year warranty I see stated on the web site. I've called 1-800-4ridgid several times alway to be(approx 10x) disconected with a mssg. saying they are exeriecning technicall dificulties (I"LL SAY) I've sent three e-mail to tech support since 6-16-2008 with out any reply other than the auto reply.

    1 how can they change the warranty after the fact or is the "service center" BS ing me.
    2 Who can I contact, and will actually reply, to find out what the warranty is on the unit
    3 why are 5 service centers listed on the web site not performing service
    4 why in three days cann't the tech difficulties on the 1800 4 ridgid phone lime straightened out
    5 Why has no one responded to any of the e-mail to tech service?

    As you can imagine I'm enfuriated with ridgid's customer service right now.

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    Re: Warranty question on air compressor

    No doubt. I'll call over there and find out what is going on. Sorry for the headache.


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      Re: Warranty question on air compressor

      thanks, as of yet I have not heard anything on my ridgid e-box


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        Re: Warranty question on air compressor

        Where did you buy it from? Will they handle it?
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          Re: Warranty question on air compressor

          I bought it at HD. They will only handle issues in store for the first 90 days.


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            Re: Warranty question on air compressor

            This Ridgid authorized repair center is excellent and will do the job. They repaired my Ridgid oil lube compressor under warranty. You'll have to UPS it and include a copy of your purchase receipt. A lot of authorized repair centers are renegades and quite choosy. These people are great.
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              Re: Warranty question on air compressor

              Well I finally got a hold of Ridgid ( they still have not responded to any of the 3 e-mails). They said it was under warrenty and gave me another service center to try. This one said they will service it even!! We'll see


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                Re: Warranty question on air compressor

                I had a problem with a Ridgid CMS. Called Ridgid and they had no record of any warranties on any of my Ridgid tools - none. So, what to do? One of the places I buy tools is a service center for Ridgid. He told me he would work on it, I would have to pay out of pocket of course, but the problem for him was access to parts from Ridgid. I forgot how long he anticipated for parts delivery but it was a long time. I had talked to the local Ridgid rep in a HD a number of times and happened to see him a couple days after. He told me to just bring the CMS into HD and he would make all the arrangements for me to get a new one. He did and I did. Money was returned to me, I added some additional dough, and walked out with a SCMS.

                Maybe this is a local problem but you may wish to ask the service center about parts availability. My personal experience with Ridgid when ordering parts I replace myself couldn't be better. I call them, order the parts, and in a couple days they are at my house.