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    Re: Just wanted to say HI

    I'm just afraid I'm gonna freeze! Josh is giving me a hard time about packing too much. But we're allowed 2 free bags each! So why not use it!?! I'm limiting myself to 4 pairs of pants. Probably 4 pairs of shoes...and I'm no girly girl either...I have some hiking boots a friend of mine let me borrow, then my tennis shoes for , and a pair of sandals...hey, see, that's only 3! And I'll be wearing the tennis shoes on the plane, so those don't even count!
    I have been day-dreaming though about how cool it would be to just go live up there for a year. Have Josh get some contracting job like my dad's. I wouldn't want to live there forever, but short term would be sweet!
    And Rick, you and Joey can babysit ANYTIME (as long as Joey is there ).


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      Re: Just wanted to say HI

      It looks like it will be chilly and wet the entire time you are there but you will not freeze. Make sure you have good rain gear and spare shoes and lots of dry socks and you should be fine.

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        Re: Just wanted to say HI

        The key is to dress in layers
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        Welcome, Phoebe Jacqueline!


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          Re: Just wanted to say HI

          Originally posted by garager View Post
          I also would like to say, I hope you guys have a really fun vacation. Be safe and be smart, I used to live in Fairbanks and North Pole AK. Do not wonder off when your hiking, maybe take a GPS with you. Juneau is one of my favorite places, its beautiful there. I think thats where your going, anyhow have fun and don't let the bears eat you up....
          I used to work at Eilson AFB, for a private contractor. I was doing steam heating and plumbing for the housing , 2 yrs of it. Then the cold weather got to me. I have a niece that was born in Fairbanks, my sister and husband was up there too. Casey (BIL) was Air Force and worked for this company, thats how I got a job there, I was an apprentice at the time, somewhere around 84 was when I went there.

          So cold, Santa Clause arm froze off, I think the statue was brought up from Florida, the year I got there or before, something like that. I do have 1 or 2 pictures of the Santa Clause House, I lived 6 blocks from there for a 1/2 a yr.
          Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....

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            Re: Just wanted to say HI

            have fun up there you two and we can tell if you relay got bored in the cabin if some thing happens in 9 months from now

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              Re: Just wanted to say HI

              Originally posted by Mrs. Josh View Post
              And Rick, you and Joey can babysit ANYTIME (as long as Joey is there ).
              so when i take you up on this,
              you can't go back and change your mind

              josh and mark, don't go editing this at a later date.

              tell the boys, i'm coming by to "round them up".

              see you next year when their potty trained

              phoebe it is