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  • What timing

    Have customer who's evaporator froze up. First question-did you change the air filter? Yup, couple weeks ago. I go out yesterday(saturday) and check the filter, totally nasty. Put it in heat mode to melt the ice and inspected the coil and it looked fine and I put a new filter in. Stayed there 30 minutes and everything appears fine. I didn't even charge him.

    He calls me this morning and tells me his condenser isn't working and wants to know what I did to mess it up. I give him a price for the repairs and I'll be out there today. His unit is 10 year old Janitrol with probably the original capacitor. Going to go out anyway but it had to go the next day I came out.
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    Re: What timing

    You touched it, you own it.

    Just had the same type of thing happen last week. I was replacing a shower unit and the owner comes in all freaked out and asked what I did to her A/C. She forgot she turned it off.

    Same customer calls the shop two days after I am finished and complains that I must have done something to her dryer because it gets hot in her house when she runs it. I never even touched the dryer. Elbow fell off the back.
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      Re: What timing

      Had a customer that just "knew" I had done something to their LP water heater. I check everything. Even the piping underneath. She's working in the backyard. I start walking toward the propane tank when she exclaime, "Oh, I bet I'm out of gas!"

      She was out of gas.