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Employees are useless

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    Re: Employees are useless


    I have managed people for the last 25 years; as few as 1 to over 200. About 14 years ago I found that working through employment agency's was the best way to go; they do the screening, drug testing etc. If someone does not work out, tell the agency and they deal with them. If you get a good one and you do!!!; by the time they get throught the 45-90 day requirement before you can hire; you know their work ethic; their attendance record and who they are.


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      Re: Employees are useless

      Dunbar, I disagree with you.

      You may have been dealt a sh@@ sandwich, but get a hold of yourself. Starting a business is far from easy as you well know.

      You have had a rough time it seems to me this year with your health, truck, and new business and I am sorry to hear about it.

      Do no let negative thinking permeate your life. No good will come from it.

      You're better than this.
      Anyone can tear a man down, few can build one up.


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        Re: Employees are useless

        Dunbar I don't want to sound racist. I hope young white guys don't take this the wrong way, but when I was doing new home plumbing. I noticed most of the young white guys could only work with 1 hand. The other was always holding a BLANKING cell phone to there ear. A carpenter was just complaining about this to me a couple weeks ago. What a crappy work ethic to have. Man the way they were ripping there boss's of still bugs me.


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          Re: Employees are useless

          Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
          are you sure you don't know slyvan

          rick i say this is slyvan just look at the length of his posts just like slyvan

          My seek the peek fundraiser page

          new work pictures 12/09


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            Re: Employees are useless

            What is a Slyvan? Is it long-winded?

            I'm learning.

            Is this better?


            What canl I do with all my free time?


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              Re: Employees are useless

              I investigated the possibility of starting an employment agency a few years ago, people would pay me to find them a job that fit them. To cut to the quick here is what you have to know to find someone a job that suits them. "In your life at what have you been a success for which you have not been paid?" Then you, the employment agency, find them a job doing the work they love. These are the people, myself included, who don't go to work every day. We go someplace and someone gives us money to do what we love to do. ( I happen to like dirt. I love to push dirt, dig dirt and truck dirt. I love to run machines wide open and make them work hard.) Look for those things on an application and listen for them in an interview. As an example if you are looking for a mechanic and you find a job seeker who builds drag racing cars on the weekends, you got your gear head. Looking for carpenters or other craft employees maybe someone who has a small lathe and fiddles with wood as a hobby or at least someone who builds things. Each job has 'hobby' corollarys that can be extrapolated to the current position offered.

              Another way to find employees is to tell others in the field you have an opening, this is the way some executive searches work. Tell your contact about the job and that you know he is not interested but ask if he knows anyone who might fill the bill and be interested. The names your contact gives you will, in essence, be pre-screened.

              It might take time but finding the right person for the job you offer pays enormous dividends.



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                You Don't Manage Employees

                You will never get it!

                You don't know crap about people or about running a business. You cannot manage employees. There is no such things as a professional employee manager.

                You set up systems and procedures for your employees to follow. You find people who follow your systems and procedures. You do not hire some butthead to whip your people any more.

                Systems, systems, systems, systems, systems, systems, etc. You make systems. You write them down. You teach the employees the systems.

                Your systems can be so perfect that employees will fire themselves if they don't follow the systems.

                Get off your butt and write down what your employees must do. If your system does not work, modify it every day until you can go to the moon and your employees will follow the system

                You hate employees because of yourself. You are the problem! I love my employees. They make me tons of money. I respect them for what they are and for what they can do for me, and for what their needs are. My employees are not me or I would be like you. I would be working for myself.

                Go sit in a dark quiet room and try to visualize how your perfect business should be run. This is not a joke! Try this for 30 minutes and you may change your life. Try to visualize how the perfect boss would treat the perfect employee. Visualize everything from how you would drive up to the shop, where you would park, how you enter the building, how you greet your employees, how your office looks, how you tell your workers what to do, how your desk looks, and everything you would do until you go home. When you get home try to visualize how you park your car, etc, and how you treat your family.

                This forum is the blind leading the blind. You will never improve your business because most of you don't want to. You are fat, lazy, and you just don't care.

                How do I know? It is because I offered to share my knowledge with you and you refused it, even though I make more money in one week than most of you earn in an entire year. I took several hours of my time creating a link, for you, to give you free software and systems to run your business.

                The definition of forum is: A place where expert meet. A forum is not a chat group. Millions of people out there are hungry for knowledge and you people can't even come to a conclusion about flat-rate pricing. Everybody is an idiot that charges residential customers time-and-materials, unless you are getting $280 to $340 per hours.

                Yeah! Don't forget I can read minds. Put your money where your mouth is. You heard me right the first time. $280 to $340 per hour. That is what you need to run a business.

                Spend 30 minutes of your busy life and make an intelligent decision at least once before you close your doors and blame your short-comings on your help.

                Make a list of every expense it takes to run your business. Don't forget, that if your wife is doing your bookkeeping, you need to include a bookkeeper's pay in this small scientific study. One member of the forum hit the nail on the head a few days ago. He said he only gets to bill an average of 4-1/2 hours per day. Four hours is more accurate.

                If you bill an average of 20 hours per week then you are billing for 1,000 hours per year. Include everything including telephone, worker's comp, liability, office phone, vehicle insurance, building rent ot lease, electric, gas, water, gasoline, retirement plan, uniforms, losses from non-payers, license fees, income taxes, accountant's fees, advertising, and of course you need to add for business growth. The business needs extra cash coming in so it can grow.

                Add everything up that is cost for one year and divide the total by 1,000 hours. If you do not come up with $280 to $340 per hour them you are not honest or you made a mistake. Did someone say steak?

                Get a better life!

                Don't bother to respond to my posts. I not not officially a member of this forum because my IP address is still banned. Obviously, I am not a chatter. This message is only for people who want a better life.

                From now on my name will be: 'You Are The Problem'

                Yeah! I like that. It has a nice tone. It really rings a bell and gets me excited. I love being the forum jerk.

                You can't change your employees until you change 'YOU'


                You Are The Problem

                Yeah! I like that. I an going to open a new account with this name.

                Mr. 'I want to control what people say', you have permission to ban 'Bestline3'

                You Are The Problem


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                  Re: Employees are useless

                  I's sorry. The last post was not directed specifically to Tom or any other member. It was directed only toward the members that really want to learn how to run a business.

                  And to you members who not only work in sewer waste, bring on the bad mouth. I love it.

                  You Are The Problem


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                    Re: Employees are useless

                    Can I post a reply to my reply.

                    I would assume that this forum earns money from the advertising and from Ridgid. You will get more members and more people to click on the advertising when you have the members that post what people are looking for. People want good solid advice. People want to know what works and 'not' what might work.

                    Most of the advice on this forum is garbage from people who think they know what they would do as in 'not what they can do'.

                    I will only give members true knowledge that has been working for me for over 40 years.

                    You Are The Problem - People will not benefit from this forum until you change and stop banning members like City Girl. City Girl is a smoker. She is in the top 2% in this country. She is small, beautiful, looks dumb, but don't let looks fool you. Want a little bragging. She is still in the Philippines and just purchases $660,000 in property all my her little 85 pound self. She must have purchased her own Island. There are 7,001 islands in the Philippines. I am very proud of her.

                    I read minds. Did I hear you ask, "Why are you telling me?' It is because I an trying to tell plumbers that it is possible be be this rich if you stop talking all the crap, look, and seek the information you need to be filthy rich.

                    You Are The Problem - You need to change


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                      Re: Employees are useless

                      looks like tieger has come to the west coast.

                      do your customers know you charge $280-$340 an hour

                      of course not.

                      it's hidden in your pricing you advertise.

                      amazing how your flyer ended up at a customers house last week.

                      it's 2 miles from me and 30 miles from you.

                      i live and work in my neighborhood. i don't need to travel to go to work. with 3.8 million people in the city of los angeles there is plenty of local work.

                      with honest prices i don't need to go door to door dropping off flyers to find work. my advertising budget is $0. and i am busy 7 days a week if i want to work it.

                      i must be doing something wrong

                      phoebe it is


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                        Should my customers care?

                        Here you go with the ripping the customer off crap! That is all you can think about and the only thing that every plumber can think.

                        The only thing that matter is that you charge the right price. Did I not tell you to take a few minutes and calculate the right price. I went to several plumbing seminars, schools, and round tables. If over 500 people did the calculations and the price is $280 to $340, then so be it.

                        It is people like you who lie and cheat the customer. You members just talked about starting a secret forum so the customer can't see how your come up with your prices. The members stated that they don't want the customers, or maybe people like me to know their trade secrets. What secrets?

                        What is the problem with telling the customer how you come up with the price. Come and work with me a few days. I do tell my customers that I did the calculations and the right price to charge should be $280 to $340. Not every customer, because there is no need to tell every customer.

                        You are the one who is not honest and you think you will lose a customer if you tell them the truth. Do the math, baby! Then when you want to make some money, be honest and show the customer how much it costs to run you a business. You probably tell your customers how much you cost to run your business. Does that make sense.

                        Mike Diamond calls plumbers like you a 'bubba'. You think you have to be cheap and run a low budget operation. Mike Diamond thinks you need to charge the proper price to make you and your employees money. I'm reading your mind. You think both Mike Diamond and I are crooks. You are 100% wrong. While I don't agree with tacticts used by some of Mike's plumbers, he has the perfect business model. He has what most members in this forum do not have; the ability to create a business that gives him a beautiful lifestyle.

                        Come down to my operation, any time. Spend a few hours with me and then tell me to my face that I am ripping off customers. You don't have the balls to because you are so wrapped up with your I get customers by being nice crap.

                        The rebut your crap about why I advertise, 78% of my business is referrals and old customers. I serviced over 40,000 customers and I keep a list, in my truck, that contains over 24,000 customers. Customer die, move away, and whatever. With attrition, I my mailing list is reduced to only 6500 customers that have not died not sold their home. That leaves me with only 6500 customers to generate $million dollars in sales annually.

                        No put this in your smoking pipe. If my company is good and closing sales and we sell many many customers entire repipes and drains with a lifetime guarantee, then how many of my 6500 customers can I re-sell large jobs to.

                        Is there something wrong with selling? Is every profitable plumber a crook?

                        What is so hard about being honest with yourself and with your customers?

                        Get off your butt and come and visit me. I think you will stop taking your crap if you do. I am a straight up person and I will be honest with you. I do not tell my customers what I think they want to hear. I tell them the truth.

                        I stated in a previous post that, almost every day I tell customers in a jokingly way, "I don't care about your money and I don't care how much this job costs. It is my job do the job the right way, the best way, and the money is your problem." Do you know why I tell the customer this. You are to wrapped up in this rip-ff crap to see. If you get diagones, with serious cancer, the doctor doesn't care how much it costs to cure you. The only concern that the doctor should have is making sure you get the best cure.

                        Did you hear me, 'THE BEST CURE'. The customer's money is not your problem. Your job is to do the job right and make the most money you can. No business sells their products for less than what the traffic will bear.


                        You Are The Problem

                        If you want to improve your business, you need to get the garbage out of your head. If you don't like my post, then don't read them. I am stuck here until the 15th of July and have nothing else to do.

                        Right or wrong, hopefully I stir things up and give you poor soles with thoughts of dishonestly some food for thought.

                        Telling me that I am a rip-off tells me a lot about you. I know that you don't know what you are doing and you are not charging your customers the right price. The right price is the right. There is no way around what is the right price.


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                          Re: Employees are useless


                          With all due respect, City Girl came on here like she was selling time shares to poor folkes and I received complaints from members who felt she was SPAMMING the site. I banned her, but I did not block her IP address as I do not have access rights to do such. I offered to undelete her posts and remove her ban if she contacted me with a little information regarding herself and her company. Instead she returned with a new username (Victorina) and sent me an email refusing to provide any information as it might risk her clients, marriage, relationships etcetera. At that point I banned her new username. It was not until sometime later the Administrator saw fit to block City Girl's IP address. I have not moderated any of your posts as you provided enough information so I could verify you were a real person. If City Girl really is your employee it seems like she could have provided the same information you provided and saved a lot of people a lot of hassle.

                          "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

                          I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!


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                            Hello guys, I am the new kid on the block!

                            Did that good looking picture, of me, pop up. That was me back in Korea in 1972. I was a plumber is the service from 68 to 72. Do you see all those stripes pulling my sleeves down. I was the youngest staff searent is the Air Force. I think I was just about 20. I ran the entire base plumbing stop with 16 militart personnel and 16 civilian plumbers. Of course, I just sat back, sent the military personnel back to their barracks, and let the civilians do all the work. Easy money back then. Around $240 a month. I was 5' 7", had a 27 inch waste, and weighed a whopping 130 pounds.

                            Things are much better today, I got the weight I always wanted. About 60 pounds more. I have a 38 inch waist, and I make a lot more money. What more do you want to know about me?

                            My login is name is 'You Are Problem' because a forum is a place where experts meet to discuss their experiences. I would assume people in forums don't always agree with each other and they go to battle. That is me. I am going to try to help you by telling you that 'You Are The Problem'.

                            Like my predecessor, Leonard, I am here to share information to try to help you make your business stronger. If you do not want help, if you cannot have a good argument, and you don't can't assess the difference between criticism, insults, jokes, honsest and dishonesty, trying to reach thorough understanding, or the difference between trying to tell you how much money you can make and bragging, then skip over all my posts.

                            I will always say that 'You Are The Problem' because nothing will ever change until you change first. We (you and I) are not god. We do not have the power to change people. We can get what we want by chaning the way we think first. We can get what we want by learning how to get people to do what we want them to do.


                            You Are The Problem

                            I'm better looking that that dude in the picture. Are most of the plumbers in this forum afraid to show their mugs because their customers might recognize them?


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                              Re: Employees are useless

                              it's amazing that all you have talked about is running a business. not 1 word or post about actually doing plumbing.

                              i'll put up a $100,000 bet that you can't hold a stick to me in hands on plumbing.

                              if it wasn't for your field guys, you'd be an unemployed business owner.

                              this forum is sponsored by ridgid. there are no advertisers here. it's a forum for both people in the trades and people looking for help.

                              out of the 5000 plus post i have here in the last 4 years, i can honestly say 25% or more of my post have actually helped others.

                              all you've managed to do is piss off a lot of real plumbers. not 1 word of actual plumbing advise.

                              so how about that bet? i can use an extra 100k.

                              or are you just a businessman and not a real plumber

                              phoebe it is


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                                Do I Appear To Want Friends

                                Obviously, I am not trying to sell something for money. I love to see people get angry. At least, they are doing something.

                                I like my new statement 'You Are The Problem'. If you can't argue without getting mad then you have a problem. Angry people don't perform well.

                                Your statement shows that you did not do your homework. Check my web site to see how many license classifications I have. My state license numver is C-36, such as Plumbing C-36, Heating C-20, Roofing C-39, Ornamental Iron C-23, and B General Building Contractor. I have several certifications for water damage, fire damage, and mold remediation.

                                I'll take your bet for $100,000 any day. But really, I wouldn't do that to you. My goal is to help you. Taking your money would not be productive.

                                If you do your homework you will find that I own Bestline Plumbing Inc., Flood Control Inc., and a lot more. I personally built 227 townhomes in Lancasrter, Ca. in 1989. I still, for many reasons, work in a plumbing truck every day and do 4 to 6 calls every day with a helper.

                                I won't bet you anything because then, some idiot, and there are a lot of them, will think I am on the forum for, OH MY GOD!!!! PROFIT!!! I don't want anybody on this forum to tell my customers I am in business for profit. This statement reminds me of the movie, 'The Jerk'.

                                Maybe I sell time shares. That is a joke. I don't have a real estate license. Neither does city girl. We buy and hold properties. I only sold some of my personal homes and land when I realized I had no use for them.

                                Do you think you can out-plumb me? Maybe you can. I'm getting fatter and lazier every day. What are you going to do when you get too old to beat me up on a plumbing job? Don't tell me that a little more honest money may not come in handy. Better to have too much that too little! Only a fool would leave honest money on the table.


                                You Are The Problem