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Employees are useless

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    Re: Employees are useless

    Boy oh boy I leave for a few days and miss all the good stuff as it happens. No more kayaking for me I am glued here.

    Anger, according to Family Systems Theory is: an affront to our sense of narcissistic omnipotence. Very loosley that means, I AM THE KING everything I say is correct, how dare you contradict me. People who proffer that mindset are angry.

    The above is a total non-sequiteur and not meant as an implication aimed at any of the posters to this thread.

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      I love Country, Blues, and Rock & Roll

      Want to be in my banc? I sort of have a band at my shop.

      Show one of my posts where I told you what to do.
      Show me a post that said I am right.
      Show my posts that said I will tell you what has been working for me for 40 years. Pull them from the archives and beat me to the ground.

      I listen to you and I am learning a lot. I don't jump up and down, but I see some pretty knowledgable people in this forum.

      I see many different needs. My shrink would ask, "what are you getting from the forum?" I say with a big grin and a hairy chest, " people need input" (Johhny Five in Short Circuit).

      "Input, Input, me need input."

      You gots me addicted. Wish my shrink was not off for the weekend.

      You got me trained and it took only 7 days.

      Actually, and I mean this sincerely when I say, I think everyone has been fairly friendly.


      Jack, is my alias. Whenever a solicitor calls, I tell them that Jack is the boss and to call back in about a month. When I have a problem with a customer, I use the name 'Jack' 'as' to act like an outside mediator. Is that like illegal or dishonest? "Beat me up Scotty." Never watched one episode of Star Track. Last time I watched the news what when I watched 15 minutes of 911. Weird! Ha?


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        I'll get back to this thread later when it finally dies.

        More salesmanship in this thread than a car sales convention.
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          Re: Employees are useless

          Originally posted by DUNBAR View Post
          More salesmanship in this thread than a car sales convention.
          i'd say more B.S. than salesmanship. a real floater

          In the never ending struggle to keep the water flowing.... The Poo Poo Cowboy rides again!!!


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            Re: Employees are useless

            Not to far back, I was mad about an employee and wrote this....

            Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....


            A good climbing rope will last you 3 to 5 years, a bad climbing rope will last you a life time !!!


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              Re: Employees are useless

              many employers tend to hire a certain type of person i would make sure that im not overlooking some very eager but not necessarily cool people. too many employers falling for bull.... when they should be looking for substance.


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                Re: Employees are useless

                Hey Dunbar, What in god's name was this thread about in the first place. I tried reading back through it but it seems like a continuation of or the beginning of 4 or 5 other threads on the forum that all seem to have the same argument going at once.