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Emerson tool rep FOUND !!

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  • Emerson tool rep FOUND !!

    To those of us that attended the Ridgid Roundup we had a complaint of how/when/where we could catch us a tool rep, well 3 days after retuning from Ohio I ran in to an Emerson tool rep by the name of Scott R. Will. I would like to thank Scott for taking time out of his busy schedule (he was setting stuff up at Home Depot) he asked how the round up and was extremely great to chat with. Thanks again to Scott for representing Emerson/Ridgid tools and being truly helpful.

    {P.S. Scott is the Southwest Tool Rep}
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    Re: Emerson tool rep FOUND !!

    larry, it took you over 3 weeks to post this

    joey wants to know if your avatar is taken while you're in the "office"

    scott knew about the roundup

    did he know about your cable killing

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Emerson tool rep FOUND !!

      It looks like it was taken while he was at my daughter Jullie's house.

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