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Today is the first day

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    Re: Today is the first day

    Right on Sandy.Best of luck to you.
    I'll be having you in my thoughts over the next few days.

    And the uncontrollable urge to rip off heads....I can't say it ever goes away.



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      Re: Today is the first day


      Good luck it will be well worth your efforts.

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        Re: Today is the first day

        Good luck VASAndy, you will succeed if you give it a honest try. I did 4 years ago and am so glad that I finally did quit.

        For me I just said today id the day, and I stopped, no drugs, pills, hypnosis, just stopped cold turkey. After a few months I found that chewing some gum when I was driving helped to fight the craving. Any other time I did not have a problem resisting, but driving was tough for me.
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          Re: Today is the first day

          Good luck. I quit in January and haven't looked back. I feel so much better. Breathing is a whole lot easier.


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            Re: Today is the first day

            Way cool Sandy. Its not easy but we're all here for support if you need it. #1, if you drank booze and smoked together in the past, then I would suggest to quit alcohol until you got the smoking out of your system. Have an ice cream cone instead.... Good luck, you can do it.....
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              Re: Today is the first day

              Ok it's been about 10's it going so far?

              Have you vomited yet?

              Did you punch the UPS man for ringing the doorbell more than once?

              We are all with you in this fight, Sandy don't quit quitting

              If you are into poetry have a look here. I liked it



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                Re: Today is the first day

                Originally posted by Woussko View Post

                The best of luck to you. Over time you'll really get your rewards. You'll breath again, sleep better and good food won't taste like &^%$. Your second challenge is to not get into the idea that because you're not smoking you got to eat too much. Just take it one day at a time and go easy on yourself. If you just have to do one or 2 smokes a day that's soooooo much better than 25 a day. Do talk to your doctor as there are several medications that help keep people from going totally wild-insane from the withdrawal.

                Above all else, go somewhere way out and HOWL HOWL HOWL. It just feels good and vents stress and frustration. Please just try it.

                Finally get a good strong rope and as a last resort if you do go apeus have your husband and some buddies tie you to the bed. NO not for kinky stuff, but to protect everyone, especially you. Remember that's a last resort only thing. I really doubt it will ever be needed but it's there just in case.

                One final note and this is super important for everyone trying to quit. For every week you go with NO smoking at all, give yourself a nice reward with the $$$ you have just saved. Pay off a loan, get that special new tool, CDs or DVD. Maybe take a few friends and have a nice meal and see a good movie. Just do something special. When you do well you deserve a little reward. Now if you give into your old and bad ways, then punishment is needed. Only eat Hush Hound for that week. Make yourself burn up all your cigs. That's right burn them all. Every last one of them. Give up your car keys so you can't go get more of them. Have someone tuff around that knows the meaning of true "Tuff Love" and that will enforce it. You do well you get a reward. You mess up and out comes the old "Cat-O-Nine Tails" and whap. OK Maybe not that but something.
                You mentioned kinky stuff 4 times.

                My mother went to a hypnotist and in about 15 seconds she never smoked again. She was a chain smoker and would have two cigarettes burning at the same time. Then, after she quit smoking, she hot hypnotized to stop eating when she was not hungry.

                I would imagine you need to change your lifestyle to fill in the void and need to do something that keeps you really occupied.

                I wish you success.



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                  Re: Today is the first day

                  Thanks for all the support and kind words. I'll admit, I posted here so there's a public record and now I really gotta do it!! This is immensely helpful.

                  I haven't yet really let loose on anyone. It was close this evening at the grocery store. I figured they kept the Nicorete back there where they keep the smokes, since they had none on the isle with the rest of the health stuff. All the kid would say (without even looking around) was "Naaaah...I don't think we got any." There was a moment there where I actually saw myself going over the counter and kicking him in the teeth along the way while I dove into the cigarette case behind him. Instead, I paid for the ice cream (Thanks for that tip...Klondike bars taste way better than Marlboro) and fried chicken (djkfal;s cravings ?????) while Mike (the hubby) expertly escorted me out. That snotty little twerp should be thankin Mike!!

                  Let's see what tomorrow brings. If anyone's around Berryville, VA tomorrow we're having our annual Dog Days of Summer festival from 9am to 12 in Rose Hill Park right off Main Street. I can't promise, but if any of them idiot owners get on my bad side....

                  Thanks again, everyone!! 14 hours and still smoke free!!
                  I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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                    Re: Today is the first day

                    if anyone needs some extra push. on June 11, 2008 a good friend died of lung cancer. she was 52 years old. she leaves behind a loving husband that gave up his job to help Sarah with her meds and other needs, an adult son, and a ton of friends that wish this was a bad dream.

                    tomorrow on the Christiansted Boardwalk there is a memorial for Sarah Anne Thomas. so young and such a waste of life.

                    Sandy, good luck with quitting. i know it's a hard row to hoe but you can do it. keep a sensw of humor and realize it's just a thing

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                      Re: Today is the first day

                      Good luck Sandy . I still smoke and for the life of me cant figure out why. I really dont enjoy it but its a hard habit to quit. Think I will try soon if I can talk the wife into quitting also . I just dont think I can do it if she is still smoking But I should still give it a try.


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                        Re: Today is the first day

                        Beginning of the 3rd day, and all is well so far. Got some fresh Nicorete at the pharmacist's yesterday. Soon though, I'll have to give up the gum too. If I can go 7 days without the smokes, then it'll be time to move off the gum. It really does help to have Mike's help and support on the effort. If Mike smoked, too, I think we'd have to both quit at the same time and that could get nasty, I think. Mike's there to keep me calm and help me get through the difficult patches.

                        This morning is bad, though. The gum really isn't working. I'll have to just push through this and in an hour or so it should be better. I just have to remind myself how much better I felt this morning when I first woke up. Maybe that'll work.
                        I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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                          Re: Today is the first day


                          This should help you out over time. You may as well start on this now.

                          Super launder everything in your place that can stand it. Other things will have to either be professionally
                          cleaned or thrown away. If you have forced air heating be sure to have all ducts cleaned and the air handler
                          (furnace) cleaned as well. There's a good company Amaraway (spelling - I'll find them and PM you info)
                          based in Manassas that really knows how to clean air ducts and air handlers the right way.
                          It takes all day but they get them CLEAN.

                          Drapes and all bedding must be super cleaned. In most cases it's time for a nice new mattress.
                          I would hold off buying stuff until you've been totally off smoking for 2 weeks or longer.

                          All wall to wall carpeting will need to be professionally cleaned and I mean really cleaned.

                          I've been through this mess with family members some time back. Oh what a job it is to
                          De-Stink-A-Tise a house where people were heavy smokers for years. It can be done.

                          Over time you'll need to seal and then paint all plaster. Walls and ceilings. Woodwork can sometimes
                          be cleaned with Spray-Nine cleaner and rags. Be sure to have windows open when using it. Fumes

                          Get busy and work your @$$ off. You won't have time to be thinking about wanting a smoke.

                          Good luck and you can do this.

                          PS Over time you should think about a total kitchen remodeling job. The tobacco tar gets all over
                          everything. With the $$$ you save by not buying more smokes over time you can pay for the nice
                          clean new kitchen. Most larger and high $$$ items can be cleaned. Be sure to rinse them well with clear water.
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                            Re: Today is the first day

                            Appreciate the ideas, but I've never smoked in the house so it's still ok.
                            I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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                              Re: Today is the first day

                              I spent my entire week at a fair for my second biz and was surprised in how many people still smoke.

                              I haven't smoked in maybe 4-6 years, can't remember when I quit but I've been there, done that and even though I loved to smoke, it would be disaster for me at this point.

                              I'm already a heavy breather thanks to burgers, fries and cherry pies.

                              When the smog alerts are out, I'm using an inhaler. Tough it is.

                              Just keep it up, you'll see years from now the fear bestowed upon you when you think, "Am I now a candidate for lung cancer?"

                              Unfortunately, matter how healthy you feel after becoming a non-smoker. I'm in that group and it's like russian rhoulette with a gun and one bullet in the chamber.

                              I'd rather die of a million things other than lung cancer...between asbestos exposure and smoking, all the VOC's I've inhaled thanks to plastic piping.....I'm certainly a candidate.

                              I'm just proud enough to say that I've pulled completely away from new construction to avoid those repeated exposures, or at least minimize it.

                              I just need to cure my "Want fries wit dat?" disease.

                              By far, you are much better off not smoking than continuing the habit.

                              Best to remember that you gain more life on this earth as a result.
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                                Re: Today is the first day

                                Originally posted by VASandy View Post
                                Appreciate the ideas, but I've never smoked in the house so it's still ok.
                                Tuff and strong girl there for sure. It's got to be hard not to light up in the house when the weather is bad. You're miles ahead for not smoking inside.