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    Re: See this?

    Originally posted by garager View Post
    2 words here, "Wow and Weird"....

    I guess I too should be careful and not ever talk bad about Ryobi....
    What could you possibly say about Ryobi that's bad?

    Crap, crap, Crappity Crap


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      Re: See this?

      Oh crap... I should have been writing leters to everyone who has said something negative about our tools the last 8 years on this forum. Seems a bit goofy that they actually wrote you all upset about it. The thread would have floated to the background in a mater of 2 or 3 days. Now they have brought it into light and added some stink to it.

      I have learned that negative feedback is a learning opportunity. Not always fun hearing that your brand isnt flawless but if you run around trying to cover everything up or fight those who have an opinion it usually blows up in your face.

      Dunbar, Don't worry about them contacting you. They must respect your opinions enough on other subjects that they feel what you say about their products actually means something.



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        Re: See this?

        Dammit Dunbar, Now you done up and caused me to have a new hero. You're it! I've been there too by making remarks about junk tools. The dumasses actually sent me some and challenged me to prove my remarks. When I got done showing them the tests with pics they told me they would fix the problems and asked me not to publish my findings. One year later thier junk remaind unchanged on the market and I released the web page I made about them. They were not happy and suggested I remove the page, which I reminded them of the emails they sent and I kept regarding the whole matter and they forgot all about giving me any problems. Just in case your wondering.
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          Re: See this?

          Originally posted by JCsPlumbing View Post
          Entity for

          The truth is out there!


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            Re: See this?

            Don't dare Click this Link!

            Dunbar, I think the really funny part of this is that its NOT
            free. Why the government lets them use that misleading domain name I don't know, but when the law went into effect saying that the credit reporting companies has to give people a free copy of their report once a year, that site ( was out and they were pushing it hard for a few months before the truly free site was available. It's like they were doing all they could to mislead people. No, wait a minute, the credit card companies, banks, and credit reporting agencies wouldn't do that ...or would they?

            If you want the FREE credit report that the government says they must give you once a year you need to go to

   is the official site to help consumers to obtain their free credit report.

            We guard your privacy.

            Please be aware of how you arrived at this site. To ensure that you are visiting the legitimate site, type
            directly into the address bar on your browser.

            You will never receive an email directly from the Annual Credit Report Request Service.
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              Re: See this?

              Or could it be,

              Anyone can tear a man down, few can build one up.