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Has anyone used heat tape on their roof?

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  • Has anyone used heat tape on their roof?

    Having large amounts of snow and ice on my roof last year I have decided that I need to install heat tape in the rain gutters. Heat tape companies state that you should run the tape in the gutters and in a zig-zag pattern along the eaves but that adds up to a LOT of tape and a much higher electric bill. I have 330 feet of gutters. I have spoken to several electricians and rain gutter folks and they say that all I need is to run the tape in the gutter as that is what needs to be kept free of ice.

    Has anyone used this tape and if so, what has been your experience with it. Should I run the zig-zag pattern?


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    Re: Has anyone used heat tape on their roof?

    Save your money - it's a gimmick that doesn't work. A blowtorch would do a better job but is probably pretty dangeroud. Do keep your gutters clean, make sure they aren't clogged to cause ice buildup and therefore ice and water back up at the edge of your roof. I've had people tell me they got rid of their gutters because of this problem.

    If snow and ice is really a concern for you, consider replacing your roof with a metal roof such as aluminum next time. The snow will slide right off, therefore you shouldn't have to worry about ice.
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