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    Re: Olympics

    Phelps is just awesome. Makes me really be proud to live in the greatest country in the world


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      Re: Olympics

      Originally posted by JCsPlumbing View Post
      If the events primary win/lose system is based on scoring from judges, it's useless. Not a sport to me.

      I'm from N.C.-So it's the law that I have to like basketball. I think USA will win this event again finally.

      I used to really enjoy boxing until Roy Jones got completely screwed. (Scoring)

      Track is cool. Always like seeing who is the "Worlds Fastest Man" in the 100m.
      Osafa Powell should do well.

      Phelps is awesome in his sport with his status already proven. Gut, not facts, tell me he's only going to get 4 or 5 Golds. Hope I'm wrong.

      I like all the variety especially if it's a sport with judges removed.

      And some of those big vollyball chicks are pretty hot.

      I think there's a gymnast that is in agreement with you today.
      Take a look at what happened on the uneven bars for gold.
      They say this is not the first time the U.S. has had problems with an Australian judge.