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  • Crackdown!

    For those who wish more was being done to stop illegal least this is a hopeful sign.
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    Re: Crackdown!

    Only 6 million or more to go......

    A tip, ummmm. They knew about it way before hand I'll bet and didn't bother back then. Was this a political reason?????

    Keep going guys and don't stop......
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      Re: Crackdown!

      I for one do not mind legal people from any nation here.

      This will not change until we as a nation and or voted officials make it mandatory prison for a$$holes to hire people that should not be here.

      It's all about money. When I was off because of a job injury and I worked for Nintindo during the time I was hurt. (Light Duty and can tell you first hand there were people that were not legal. When I looked into it I was let go. When I went to the state -----NOTHING When I went to the Government -----NOTHING.



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        Re: Crackdown!

        Great read Service Guy Thanks.I would like to see a great many changes made.
        Huge fines per non-citizen employed.

        Big question though...
        Why are we spending millions for guys sitting watching billions of dollars worth of border monitoring equipment.
        In every square mile of So.Calif there is at least one street corner occupied by at least 10-20 unregistered,sometimes a hundred(take a look at a Home Depot).

        If I.C.E. spent a week hitting every corner over here I wouldn't be surprised if we deport a few hundred thousand.

        The work would still need to be done,prices would come up,company sponsorships could be initiated,taxes would be witheld.Hell,Prices may come up enough mommy and daddies little white boy might consider sweating to earn a living...Ahhhh,Sorry about that last one,it'll never happen.Sometimes I get carried away.It's all your fault Aaron for giving me hope in the next Generation.


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          Re: Crackdown!

          "It was like a horror story. They got handled like they were criminals."
          AHHH...Well, yeah.

          Just being here is a crime
          tax evasion is a crime
          Using false ID is a crime

          It's well past time for crack downs. How many United States Citizens have been killed by ILLEGAL aliens in America since 911? I dare say its more then was killed at the world trade center.

          Just for the record: I in no way have a problem with people that come to this country legally.
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