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Mama Mia! - Howl Along Version

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  • Mama Mia! - Howl Along Version

    To help lighten things up around here, I thought I would let everyone know that Universal has released a new version of the Mama Mia! movie where they put the words on the screen with them changing color as you the audience are expected to howl along with the cast members. What comes next? How about a totally silent version? I did see the main version and it's fun but ABBA + Woussko doesn't exactly = Totally happy me. It's a fun musical movie and overall I had fun with it, but I would give it a 2-1/2 out of 4 star rating. I'm sure some would give it 0 and others 4 stars.

    Now maybe if I could get all the howling hounds in my area to go to the same showing we could have some ARRRRROOOOOOOOOOing fun times. Then I really doubt the management would want to hear all of us baying.

    Baying = The dreadful howl of a hound. Only a real wolf can properly howl. They have many musical talents and far better voices than us hounds do.
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    Re: Mama Mia! - Howl Along Version

    I like your idea for the silent version. maybe a version for the blind also with no video. Or perhaps the whole project could be scrapped. YMCA anyone? No, how about the macarana'

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      Re: Mama Mia! - Howl Along Version

      Correction: I messed up. It's Mamma Mia! and not Mama Mia!

      If you like you can find more info on it here.

      Special suggestion and not for just this but any movie: Take along disposable hearing protection type ear plugs.
      You just may be very glad you have them with you. I can't say about your theater, but around my area they
      just can't resist BLASTING the sound systems.
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