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100 mile per gallon car!!!!!

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    Re: 100 mile per gallon car!!!!!

    Originally posted by JCsPlumbing View Post
    First, I didn't read all the posts so maybe this has been addressed. Second, this may be a dumb question, but I'm a not-so-smart plumber.

    So here goes, any fuel has X amount of potential energy that can be used. The goal is to get 100% of the energy out (impossible). So my question or question is:

    What is the potential energy available in common 87 octane gas, the internal combustion engine and what is the efficiency rating for various designs? Any ideas?

    I think the best you can get from an ICE is about 15 to 20% at best. That's really not likely to improve much more. It's more about how effectively that 15to 20% is used. Most of the improvements now are being done in aerodynamics, weight reduction, intelligent fuel management like cutting fuel during braking, low rolling resistince tires and so on.


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      Re: 100 mile per gallon car!!!!!

      Originally posted by Frankiarmz View Post
      I wonder how much hydrogen and oxygen the current from a plugin could derive from water through electrolysis which could then be used as fuel instead of powering an electric engine?
      It's a practicle impossibility since it violates laws of thermodynamics if the intension is to increase range. Electrolysis is extremely inneficient. You could do it but it will cut the range exponentially since most of the energy will be wasted creating the hydrogen. The amount of energy you get out of the hydrogen produced from electrolysis is much smaller than the amount of energy from the electricity needed for the process. It's far more efficient to just produce power from the electricity. Then consider to create that electricity you probably already had to burn another inneficient fuel making that hydrogen even less impractical to produce. Hydrogen through electrolysis is only practical once you have a means of creating sufficient excess and unneeded clean electricity. Otherwise it's more practical to just get the power from the original source itself.
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        Re: 100 mile per gallon car!!!!!

        Iceland is a good small scale example of how to make hydrogen plausible as a fuel. They have plenty of geothermal vents which are used to create completely clean electricity from steam. They can produce a lot more electricity than they need so the excess is used to produce hydrogen through electrolysis. They are moving towards hydrogen powered cars only.
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