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My Pressure Washer Rant!!

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  • My Pressure Washer Rant!!

    Hello all.

    My name is brett and i have been a guest here on many many occassions and finally wanted to join in an effort to get some straight answers.

    Here is the story:

    I bought a 3300 psi pressure washer and decided it was not big enough, by that i mean that i needed more gpm's.

    i really like the skyhook feature of the ridgid and the fact that i was happy with the 3300psi before i decided to step up to the 3800 psi 4 gpm is where the mess begins...

    They are available online for 1099.99 at but ill have to pay an additional 150 dollars for shipping. for some reason i am having a hard time accepting that. so i have began a state wide search for one. I have been into contact with the area ridgid rep and he informed me a few weeks ago that the 3800 was being updated and would be released again around the end of aug. to the first of sept. I have tried to call the 800-4ridgid number and had nothing but frustration with the TERRIBLE automated system. I somehow navigated to someone in the wrong department and instead of transferring me, she hung up on me after saying i needed to call back and talk to the pressure washer people. I tried that and somehow managed to talk to a human that was of little help. Then I tried the email system. I wrote a detailed email stating all of my questions and concerns and sent it. Since there wasnt a pressure washer catagory, I sent it to the power tools division. Somehow it got sent to the plumbing people who pleasantly returned it back informing me that they were the plumbing division and i would need to re-send it to the right place.

    i have been committed to buying one of these 1100 dollar machines but i get the feeling that the left hand doenst know what the right hand is doing within the company and i cant ever get a straight answer. I have been tempted to get the dewalt 4 gpm 3800 psi pressure washer that has the cat pump but the skyhook is going to be needed so i am torn on what to do. I need to get a pressure washer asap but its not being very easy.

    is it to much to ask for the employees to foward it to the right person to try to help someone out? i am losing faith in the company as of now...

    does anyone know where i can buy this pressure washer or give me some insight?

    any why cant homedepot special order this unit?


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    Re: My Pressure Washer Rant!!

    Please get yourself a REAL machine and be done with it for a long time.

    And if you need some HEAT to make hot water....
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      Re: My Pressure Washer Rant!!

      Originally posted by Woussko View Post

      thanks for the reply but i really dont want to spend more than 1200 and the ridgid would fit the bill nicely if i could get my hands on one



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        Re: My Pressure Washer Rant!!

        My rant of response:

        There are so many brands of pw available... but they are all basically the same. A General, AR, cat, or comet pump stuck to an engine. Just pick the gpm and pressure capability you want, brand of engine you like, brand of pump you like, and buy whatever is cheapest. There really isn't much to choose between them, unless bits of pretty molded plastic turn your crank, or you have special requirements.

        About your troubles talking with Ridgid; What are you trying to find out? If you want to buy one direct from them, that is likely your problem as they sell through dealers.

        Quit complaing about shipping costs; they are just a fact of life when ordering something. Buy on-line, pay shipping. Buy from a brick and mortar outlet, pay markup to cover their costs for the building and the people to staff it. But if you can find a store that stocks the item you are interested in, at least you can play with it a little to see if you really like it. After you have, if you want to be sleazy to save $100, order it on-line and wait.

        BTW... What is a skyhook? A lifting eye? Just weld one on.
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