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She said...i guess so....

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    Re: She said...i guess so....

    Originally posted by Frankiarmz View Post
    Okay Eli, it's time for some friendly advice on how to be the king of your castle! Women like a take charge man, all that equal rights stuff is a myth. Let her know it's your way or the highway, you wear the pants. You're the commander of the ship and she's just one of the deck hands. Once you lay down the law there will be no confusion or fighting. I don't personally know any married man who has attempted this technique and lived to tell about it but it sounds like it should work.
    I'm sure if he does that right now, he'll have no marriage problems.


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      Re: She said...i guess so....

      Congratulations.Post again in 60 years or so,the both of you.Goodluck.
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