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The History of ________

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  • The History of ________

    So here is what I am thinking of doing. I want to pick a tool a week. lets say we start out with the K-60. As a community we will post information about the tool. When it was built. Pictures of different revisions. Other od trivia. Could be fun. Some of you guys have some great knowledge about the products and we obviously have a lot we could add in as well. Sort of like a Wikipedia entry for a product.

    What do you think?


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    Re: The History of ________

    Your Stuff or ?


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      Re: The History of ________

      I tried looking for pics but this is all I got.... LOL
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        Re: The History of ________

        Originally posted by wrench spinner View Post

        I tride looking for pics put this is all I got.... LOL
        The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission?
        You looking for some kind of trouble?


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          Re: The History of ________

          Josh I think it's a great idea because it gives an appreciation for the tool, it's development and if we can understand how the job was done prior to it's introduction some greater respect for the old timers. I drilled plenty of anchor holes in masonry with a star drill and lump hammer, when hammerdrills came to the job it was like heaven!Try rodding several hundred feet of duct through mud and then use a power rodder, world of difference. Makes you wonder who came up with these things. I apologize for using this opportunity to suggest as an aside to this theme, would Ridgid possibly consider some kind of sweepstakes either for the Forum or on the main site. Nothing big, just some power tools here and there on a monthly basis? Sweepstakes are always a good draw for attention and who can't use another drill or battery and charger? I just had to try.


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            Re: The History of ________

            What year did Ridgid come out with the first k-60?


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              Re: The History of ________

              josh, the tool trivia is a great idea

              i just hope that allclear isn't jealous that the k-60
              comes before the 7500

              a family tree of the ridgid/ kollmann line would be interesting too.

              maybe as we post the tool of the week, we can also post photos of ours in action or the oldest one still in use.

              don't worry as i don't have an original suitcase k-60.

              phoebe it is