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I have something to say!!!

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    Re: I have something to say!!!

    Originally posted by DuckButter View Post
    I'm also somewhat certain Ridgid wouldn't appreciate a bunch of fowl language on a site they choose to represent their company on the internet.

    Sorry Duck...but "fowl" language and your nickname go together.
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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      Re: I have something to say!!!

      Originally posted by NHMaster3015 View Post
      Aaron, first off buddy, I truley respect you because you are obviously dedicated to the profession. Now let me explain my cussing stance. First off I've been a Plumbing contractor for 35 years. I can swear with the best of them. I may have even made up some new ones you never heard before.

      We work on a lot of commercial jobs in the city. Where the site is open and very near the public. You just can't have guys from all the trades yelling profanities at each other when you have little old ladies and children walking by. It demeans and degrades all of us and makes our professions and traded look like trash. My students are high school age. We have a very very strict no swearing policy in the trade center and we enforce it. My dad always told me "There's a time and place for everything" Here is not the place for profanity and neither is the job site.
      Exactly, obscenities are just not appropriate for every situation, especially in a classroom or any time you're around children. I have no problem with it personally, but you have to watch where you are and who's around.
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