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A Friendly Reminder Warning

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    Re: A Friendly Reminder Warning

    Good post Charles. You've thought of many hazards and greatly reduced the chance of injury. I'd like to add that it is sometimes frustrating to go to these lengths and then be faced with visiting the homes of friends and relatives who do not have the same level of childproofing. Point is you have to keep an eye on your kids as much as possible. My youngest is fourteen now but when she was four my wife dropped our other daughter off at religion and in a split second the little one ate a berry from a nearby bush. There were moments of panic but it was harmless, they are so quick. I envy you young Dads, all the opportunities to teach "Hot" and then progress to roller skates and bicycles. Here I am trying to convince my oldest daughter that Haiti is not a safe place to teach! It get tougher guys.
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      Re: A Friendly Reminder Warning

      Originally posted by cpw View Post
      Remington says you should keep it loaded in a safe with an electronic keypad.
      That sounds right, but wouldn't it still take too much time to get it out?
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        Re: A Friendly Reminder Warning

        well its nice to know that i can sleep well at night while my 4 rottweilers are doing their usual rounds..


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          Re: A Friendly Reminder Warning

          Originally posted by BadgerDave View Post
          Make sure that you lock up good and tight before you go to bed at night. Last night, while we were in the house sleeping, someone attempted to break into our house. We never heard a thing and didn't discover anything wrong until this AM. They cut a few screens and damaged a window but fortunately whoever it was wasn't able to gain access into the house. The part that amazed me was that we were in the house at the time, there was a visible car in the driveway and our guard cat was on duty but none of that stopped their attempt. Talk about gutsy!

          After coaxing the guard cat out from under the bed, he is doing much better now after I gave him all the credit for scaring the bad guy away.

          Those would be thieves don't know how lucky they were that they were so quiet and didn't wake me up. If they would have and I would have found them inside the house there is no way that they ever would have made it back outside.
          You all,take care.Thieves are rough stuff.They spend their time watching you.THAT'S their job.So God be with you.
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