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Fake E-mail - Bank of America

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  • Fake E-mail - Bank of America

    If anyone of you receive fake/hacker e-mail claiming to be from Bank of America please be sure you do not click any links. Please do forward it to so their security department can take proper action.

    This also applies to other banks, but you'll need to contact them about where to forward the fake e-mail.

    Never respond to any e-mail no matter what if it asks for any link clicking or personal information unless you are 10000000% sure it is for real and you are expecting the e-mail because you spoke to one of their agents that said to expect an e-mail. Be sure to use a special subject that only the two of you would know. That is make up something special to put in as the subject.

    I'm sure most if not all of you already know this stuff but it pays to be careful. Real careful.
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    Re: Fake E-mail - Bank of America

    Thanks for the heads up, I'll be sure to look out for this.
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      Re: Fake E-mail - Bank of America

      We have 2 bank accounts and we get our statements by email. Both our banks tell us they are ready and to go directly to their sites and DO NOT use any links from emails. In fact they say to manually type their address in.

      Also when not sure where it came from call or contact them by phone. You can also use to see if it is on their site.