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Lehman Bros. Folds, Brothers come together

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    Re: Lehman Bros. Folds, Brothers come together

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Was going to add that to the preceding post, but didn't want it to ramble on. Thanks again,


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      Re: Lehman Bros. Folds, Brothers come together

      Originally posted by JimDon View Post
      You've got one more year of experience than I have, BUT, you know, with that many years under your bel as well as I do, how QUICKLY things can cascade out of control.\

      SO -- We have a line up of dominoes right now that are all in place. We have two major wars going, we have a problem with the former Soviet Union and Georgia, we have a growing economic problem that threatens to envelop the entire world, gasoline and fuel prices out of sight, food prices going thru the roof, people losing jobs left and right, homes being lost and people becoming homeless, throw Israel in the mix with some new weapons to play with and don't forget their motto: Never Again. We could have a very very volatile mix just waiting to be stirred.

      You bet your arse we could be headed somewhere where the world does not want to go.

      I find it interesting that the major news media have not picked up on the sale of those bunker busters. They'd rather discuss lipstick on a pig! For that matter, our whole election cycle is focused more on ridiculous name calling and non-issues than the real issues out there. I are one of them BUT : STUPID AMERICANS!

      Jim Don

      PS -- Got room Down Under for one more Tony?
      Jim Don

      Come on down we have plenty of room as long as you don`t need to drink much water as we are in one hell of a drought.