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  • Poopy list

    don't know if anybody ever heard of this list. i saw it years back. this is what i can remember.

    the clean poopy: thats when you take a dump, wipe your butt, no poopy on the tp

    the endless poopy: no matter how many times you wipe, there is still a little bit of poopy on the tp

    liquid or semi-liquid poopy: self-explainitory

    skid mark poopy: you have a big dump, flush. as the poopy leaves the bowl, it leaves a huge skid mark.

    greasy poopy: after you wipe, it feels like your cheeks are stuck together.

    poopy on the cob: thats when you ate way too much corn.

    intermittent poopy: bits of poopy, interupted by natural gas, then followed up with more poopy.

    fog horn fart poopy: this poopy is announced by a loud fart prior to the poopy, usually in a empty bowl for maximum reverberation. This poopy is usually followed up by snickers coming from the stall beside you. this is a indication that you took too long to go poopy.

    poopy from hell: this is a poopy that has a smell so bad, you leave the fan on and the fragrance sticks around all day.

    there's more, i just can't remember them right now.

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    Re: Poopy list

    dunbar, is this you


    thread of the week
    phoebe it is


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      Re: Poopy list

      That was enlightening lol.
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        Re: Poopy list



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          Re: Poopy list

          The "Grunt & Groan" where you really have to work to get it all out

          The "Blaster" where you about explode
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            Re: Poopy list

            I'm on "The List" and I love it!!


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              Re: Poopy list

              Forgot the Sneaky Poopy - Thats when you drop one and look down in the bowl and there is nothing there!


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                Re: Poopy list

                Hey, the Mack is back