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    Re: 2009 Calender

    How about us poor woodworkers??? Do we not DESERVE a calendar??? We're as hard-working as plumbers, just not quite as dirty *usually*! I don't want to mention how my cats found my pile of sawdust by the lathe and decided to make that into a "water closet" for there's a reason to be neat and tidy eh?

    Back on woodworkers demand equal treatment!!! Well, we'd like it very much...really we would. How about a calendar when you register a major woodworking tool like the 3660 or jointer or what-have-you? That'd be a rather nice thing, I think.

    My hubby stole mine, which is fine. This way, if he gets the calendar, maybe I can talk him into letting me get another tool!!
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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      Re: 2009 Calender

      Sorry to rub noses in the nasty stuff, but ACE Hardware near me is giving away their calendars and they have coupons on them for discounts. Limit 1 per customer per visit but they are free while they last.

      I think that people that have purchased $XXX or more this year of Ridgid products should be able to show proof and get a free RIDGID calendar.

      Are these the R rated ones or do you have any PG or PG13 ones too? I remember some used to be N M (no minors at all) rated with some very hot girls. We had to watch carefully where they got hung up. I only saw them in the men's room at plumbing supply houses with a "Please don't *&^% to the calendar girls while in here" sign posted under it. Put simple they were much wilder than the Sports Illustrated bikini girls.
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