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just wanted to say "THANK-YOU"

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  • just wanted to say "THANK-YOU"

    as some of you already know, i'm very new to this internet and forum thing.

    i've tried to participate in other forums but find the intellect just isn't there.

    as a matter of fact, on those other sites, some of the users are downright mean!! like some of my ex-customers.

    some of the smartest people i know are plumbers. plumbers are also some of the funniest, with true to life stories. no BS here.

    keep it up guys and gals. your doing a wonderful job that any site manager would be of.

    thanks again for welcoming the cool (cold) canuck.

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    Re: just wanted to say "THANK-YOU"

    vince, the forum is very addictive as some of us know

    we've been very lucky in meeting some of the others in person and even becoming good friends.

    in fact this morning i'm meeting another forum member for an intro to snaking. hopefully we'll still be friends after today.


    phoebe it is


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      Re: just wanted to say "THANK-YOU"

      Glad to have you around here vince. I am very happy with the personality that the forum has taken on over the years. Glad you fit well.



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        Re: just wanted to say "THANK-YOU"

        I have to say that the plumbers forum has some of the most informative and entertaining reading I've ever come across. You people should be in stand up.