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anybody know what a honey bucket is?

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  • anybody know what a honey bucket is?

    here's a hint; it's similar to a outhouse except arctic style.

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    Re: anybody know what a honey bucket is?

    Around here, they used to call them "chamber pots" back in the colonial days.

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      Re: anybody know what a honey bucket is?

      A honey bucket is a bucket that is used in place of a flush toilet in communities that lack a water-borne sewage system.

      The honey bucket sits under a wooden frame affixed with a toilet seat lid. (Looks like a regular chair but with side and front panels to hide the bucket. When the seat is down you would never know what it is unless someone forgot to clean the pail.) The honey bucket gets its name from the actual five–gallon (19 liter) buckets which were once used as containers for honey. These are the same type of plastic buckets used for shipping many paints, cleaners, and solvents, as well as institutional quantities of food products.

      Sometimes you'll see at large doughnut shops "Honey Buckets" for sale. Normally they come with filling (frosting or jelly) in them.

      Also see
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        Re: anybody know what a honey bucket is?

        thanks woussko. made me laugh. then again, anything to do with poo always makes me laugh.

        i was watching a program on tv the other night about the first sh*tter. seems it was invented for a king. hence the nick name "the throne".


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          Re: anybody know what a honey bucket is?

          Big honey bucket:


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            Re: anybody know what a honey bucket is?

            Originally posted by Mike-N-MD View Post
            never seen a self-cleaning pot-a-potty before.

            not so white hard hat, not so white shirt and sooo funny.

            maybe he's a plumbing engineer.

            likes like a birth in a twisted sort of way.

            wonder who had to drive him home to shower?

            it couldn't be me 'cause i'd be laughing at him the entire ride.

            he probably picked-up a bad case of sh*tty mouth.


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              Re: anybody know what a honey bucket is?

              I worked on a multi-story job one time that had nowhere near the number of port-o-pots needed for the crew size. The GC made it even worse by not keeping up with having them serviced. They were always nearly overflowing and the stench was terrible. Finally, someone got pissed and threw a cup of diesel and a match into one of them. As the GC's crew tried to lift and move it off the deck with the tower crane, its plastic walls melted and the "honey pot" hit the floor after about and eight foot drop. Now THAT was a sh*t bomb!


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                Re: anybody know what a honey bucket is?

                one night back in the 70's i was playing outside in a little town called coral harbour located on southhampton island.

                it was dark out and a man had just emptied the "honey bucket" beside the roadside garbage cans. the thick black plastic bag rolled out of the galvanized 5 gal bucket and onto the ground making a unique noise only a full bag of sh*t could make.

                it lay there on the snow. steaming in the moonlight and looking quite harmless.

                along comes a local guy driving a ski-doo 300. back in the day before plastics, skis were made out of steel. it might as well be a knife edge.

                so there i am. 7 or 8 years old. a steaming bag of poop to my right. a yellow ski-doo 300 on my left. everything was in slow motion.

                the metal ski of the snowmobile juuuuust touched the bag of poo. splat!! brown poo all over the side of the yellow hood of that ski-doo 300. and because it was very cold out, the thin brown paste froze instantly.

                i always wondered if that man waited 'til spring to clean his ski-doo.