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The Baboon and the Peanut

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  • The Baboon and the Peanut

    Do you know how to catch a baboon?

    Dig a hole in the ground, make it big enough for the baboon to put his hand in the hole to get the peanut.

    When the baboon reaches and grabs the peanut, he'll make a fist, and his hand will be too big to pull it back out.

    The baboon is too damn stupid to realize that if he "releases" the peanut, he'll hand will free up and he'll live.

    If not, he'll sit there making a fist holding his prize peanut and will die.

    You know what the peanut is, you know what the baboon is.

    Keep in mind, those peanuts are houses, houses that have no value when there is nobody to buy them. The banks (baboons) won't let go of them because of greed.

    They are heavily responsible for the ability to lend on such loose terms, then automatically selling your loan to a higher banking firm.

    If the banks would come to terms with a reasonable rate for all, or let's say the financial industry when it comes to lending on all aspects, including predatory...

    Create a flat line rate that's reasonable, like 7 to 8% finance rate on homes, credit cards, what have you. Give people who lost houses the ability to get back in, do a "accident forgiveness" routine to those who literally DID fall through the cracks of hard times, not those who frivilously spent away on a capital adventure and I believe this would be the shot to the arm the economy needs,

    not a bailout that's just an extension to where this is really going to end up.

    If we have a terrorist attack or something very significant in terms of affecting this economy, I can't explain or know what to expect would be the result, other than whatever it will be, we won't be expecting what hardship it creates.

    It could end up being something small but crucial to our everyday living that either gets rationed or eliminated except for those who deserve it.

    Or it could be on simple terms and be something involving our everyday resources we rely on that becomes obsolete or even worse, perishes.

    Big banks failing isn't anything we've seen, but only heard back in the Great Depression. The old timers I work for talked in detail in what they had to do, and how far america has come from that point in time in a selfish way.

    The words of wit "Only the strong survive" will be something applied here soon to all aspects of business and personal life, literally.

    You think the company you work for is going to keep you employed if they're not making money, or their margins are getting thin?

    Better have a back up plan. You can be the best at what you do.......but it means nothing if there's no one there to keep your hands moving.

    I'm Dunbar and I approve this message!
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    Re: The Baboon and the Peanut

    You have to admit though, peanuts is good.

    A good carpenter makes few mistakes, a great carpenter can fix his own.


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      Re: The Baboon and the Peanut

      You can even smash them and make peanut butter out of them, yummmmmie...

      Poor baboo, won't let go of his nut, next thing you'll know, he'll be shooting the dog...... Joke from another thread........
      Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....

      A good climbing rope will last you 3 to 5 years, a bad climbing rope will last you a life time !!!