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wood stove-what kind is your's?

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  • wood stove-what kind is your's?

    just curious.

    there is enough garbage wood up here to allow a person to heat the home with.

    even though our walls are 2x6 construction, it dosen't take long for the house to cool down.

    are the windows in the wood stove door just for aesthetics? or does the window help with radiant heat?

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    Re: wood stove-what kind is your's?

    I think the brand of my wood stove it is a ultra heat, it was made about 30 years ago, and is a top load unit, puts off about 50 to 60,000 BTU, is my guess, as far as I can find it is no longer manufactured, it has two tubes that come in from the top of the sides and has slider plates on the openings to adjust the air, the top has a cast iron lid like a old cook stove, and the lid is about 11 around, (the draw back is the size of wood you can load into it), I also have a small Ganny oven (stove pipe oven) and a magic heat on the pipe, we are fairly efficient when it comes to wood use. If I need another one I would make the same type design of stove again, the bottom is lined with a fire brick,

    we have heated with it exclusive for a number of years, and some years we jsut use it to supplement the heat, last year we used it a lot, to cut the fuel cost down, the house is over 100 years old and I have tighten it up and insulated but it still lacks in areas,

    mine does not have a window, and personally for a real heater unit would not really want one, as my front of the stove is heat warped some, where a window would go, My daughters is a steel front and they said they would not want a glass front for the way they use thiers,
    They also have a wood cook stove, which they use a lot in the winter, it is one of the later made in the 1940's it looks more like a gas or electric stove visually,

    A heating stove is not a good cook stove nor is a cook stove a good heating stove, yes we can cook on our wood stove, and even bake in the stove pipe oven, or one could use a wash tub up side down on the top to bake with, but a cook stove is made for cooking, and one will nearly have to feed it a constant diet of the proper wood, as the fire box is small, the wood stove has much less regulation on it and the fire box will hold a fire for a much longer time, if one packs it full.
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