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  • thinking too hard?

    i joined the plumbing trade in '84. all 18 years of me.

    one of my first maintanence calls was at the school. there was a bank of basins that didn't have hot or cold water. the wc's and the urinals in the bathroom had water and were operating good.

    i was working with 2 journeyman and we started looking for a closed valve in the ceiling, walls. we looked on the blueprints. we went into the crawlspace, nothing. the plumbers where dumbfounded.

    we went back to the bathroom that was having the issue. while both men were deep in discussion and scratching their heads, my curiousity got the better of me. i removed 1 of the areators from the basin faucet. i approached the 2 men and showed it to them. low and behold, every single areator was plugged.

    somehow a piece of corrosion broke off in the cold water supply pipe and plugged up only the basin faucets.

    sometimes, the solution to the problem is right in front of us. we just have to take the time to recognize it.

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    Re: thinking too hard?

    Had a job with no water pressure on the cold side kitchen faucet. Yet the laundry, only 5' away, had pressure. Upstairs bath and throughout the rest of the home was good. After checking and rechecking all the simple fixes, I was stumped. Btw, the entire house was plumbed with copper so it seemed there was little chance of clogged riser, angle stop or fittings.

    After picking a few brains with no success, I called out my leak detection guy. After about 20 mins. of looking and probing around, he says looking up at the A/C vent, "how long has the air been on?". I say at least the whole time I've been here. Come to think of it, it was ice cold in there. He heads over to the kitchen area, pulls back the carpet and padding. Guess what? The slab was freezing cold. The A/C compressor was right on the outside wall. Because it apparently was left running 24/7, the cold water pipe right in that area, had frozen. He says "There's the problem"
    Advised the customer to turn the temp up and done deal.