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Anybody thinks Chrysler makes a superior product?

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    Re: Anybody thinks Chrysler makes a superior product?

    Originally posted by Norplumb View Post
    When will you Americans learn to use more economical vehicles like the ones we use in the UK returning over 40 mpg.
    Your way of life cannot be sustained. The great Alaskan wildlife refuge is on the cards for oil drilling which equates to death and destruction for the wild life.
    Don't you care ?.
    While I agree we need to do a better job of conservation, assuming ANWR is approved for drilling it will not destroy the Artic National Wildlife Refuge. It would give us some energy independence, create as many as 750,000 new jobs and still leave 17,500,000 acres of the Artic National Wildlife Refuge undisturbed.

    "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

    I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!