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  • Favorite Ramones Song

    I've been a Ramones kick for the past month or so. I guess I own everything they've ever done that is available to the general public. Question is ... What is your favorite Ramones song? One of the simplest, greatest 3 minute rock & roll punk bands ever!!! RIP Joey, Johnny, and Dee Dee. Maybe someday I'll make it to Rockaway Beach or be a Commando!!! My personal favorite The KKK Took My Baby Away.


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    Re: Favorite Ramones Song

    Blitzkrieg was good,R&R radio, R&R high school to name a few.
    Liked a bunch of their stuff
    We were into the 'Canadian Ramones'
    Teenage Head, look up some of their stuff you may really like it too.
    Markey recently recorded some of their older TH stuff with them,
    Check the out


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      Re: Favorite Ramones Song

      There are several music videos of them on YouTube if anyone wants a sample. Being an old hound, this stuff makes me BAY and no one likes hearing a baying hound.
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        Re: Favorite Ramones Song

        twonny twonny twonney fo hours to go-o-o
        I wanna be sedated
        This is my reminder to myself that no good will ever come from discussing politics or religion with anyone, ever.


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          Re: Favorite Ramones Song

          1. pet semetary
          2. KKK
          3. rockaway beach
          4. blitzkrieg bop
          5. i wanna be sedated


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            Re: Favorite Ramones Song

            Wednesday, October 15, 2008

            FRANK KERR aka FRANKIE VENOM of TEENAGE HEAD: 1957 - 2008

            It is with great sadness that Gord Lewis of Teenage Head announces the tragic passing earlier today of Canadian icon Frank Kerr aka Frankie Venom of natural causes.

            Frank was the lead singer of punk rock pioneers Teenage Head, founded at Westdale High School in Hamilton, Ontario in 1975.

            RIP Frankie


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              Re: Favorite Ramones Song

              I like, "We're a Happy Family." That song cracks me up.

              "Sitting here in Queens.
              Eating refried beans.
              Reading lots of magazines.
              Gulping down thorazines.

              We ain't got no friends.
              Our troubles never end.
              No Christmas cards to send.
              Daddy likes men."

              Genius lyrics or what?