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  • loonie awards

    our american brothers have the darwin awards.

    we canadians should have the loonie awards.

    we don't get lighting up here very often. maybe once every 5 years or so.

    one day back in the 90's i could hear the familiar rumble of distant thunder. i grew up on the prairies of manitoba so i new instantly knew what i was hearing.

    i go out the side door of my house to look for the lightning show. before i could start scanning the sky i noticed a bunch of my neighbours standing on the wet metal roof () of their house also looking for the lighting.

    my jaw hit the deck and i could feel the blood running out of my face. i swear to God that i must have been the same colour (color stateside ) as my father.

    i told my neighbours that i didn't think standing on a wet metal roof during a lightning storm was such a good idea. i explained why and they jumped off the roof faster than one of walt disney's lemmings jumping off the cliff. sorry. i just couldn't resist.

    even though we've been hang'in out up here for the past 5 thousand years for so, facing starvation on a day to day basis, we still have our moments.