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New Look Sign at Walmart

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    Re: New Look Sign at Walmart

    The feed store in town knows what kind of grass seed grows best, and has it in stock and will tell you when and how to sew it. It grows better, is hardier, and better on water use than the big-store seed. I'm sure that same story plays out in small town-based stores across the country. The local hardware store has most of the things I need when I need them. True, they're not open at 10pm when the sink still won't work, but at 10pm I can say "Don't use the sink" and go to bed!! It'll keep for the next morning. Besides, the big-box stores aren't open at 10pm around here anyway.

    I'd rather shop around town than drive to the city any day. The local folks are so much more pleasant to deal with. At the hardware store, they actually know the difference between a 1/2" 90 and a 3/4" 90. And they know what kind of connectors they use, and can tell you how to properly put them together. They also can help guide me to the good plumbers or other tradesmen. I haven't darkened the door of a Wal-Mart in many years, and don't see any reason to change that.
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.