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Economy Freefall.

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  • Economy Freefall.

    I have been reading that 27 million small business inthe USA are having a hard time,some about to shut down.Has anyone here been affected badly?I wish I knew how to set up a poll,then we all could see what others think about this.Personally,I have been seeing companies delaying payments,Homeowners letting their sewers and drains stay clogged longer than ever,or struggling with various ways to establish some amount of flow to their systems for a while.-----------What have you all been seeing?----------------(PS) If anyone knows and are willing to post a poll.Will you please do so?
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    Re: Economy Freefall.

    This area seems to be somewhat insulated so far. Building has slowed significantly, but I am busier than ever doing plumbing service. Many local businesses are thriving, others are struggling. Recessions are nature's way of weeding out the weak companies...economic darwinism.
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