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Wall heater gas like smell

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  • Wall heater gas like smell

    When I turn my Holly Del Mar wall heater on I get this strong smell, its kinda like natural gas but not really. This smell burns off after about 3-4 minutes. The pilot light looks good and I can see the gas ignite immediately. I'm thinking there might be some kind of oxidation in the flue, i.e. rust etc. Think that might be it?

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    Re: Wall heater gas like smell

    Yes. BUT. I strongly recommend that if you do not have a carbon monoxide detector, that you get one right away. Any home with fuel burning appliances should have one. Don't put it right near the furnace. Down the hall or in or near the bedrooms is fine.

    Although CO is odorless, if you have a heat exchanger leak, there are combustion products in the exhaust gas which you can smell.

    MOST LIKELY, what you are smelling is very temporary as the gas is burning and the draw up the flue takes a bit of time to be established. SO, no great cause for alarm , but for peace of mind, get the detector.