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dumb tradesmen/apprentice tricks

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  • dumb tradesmen/apprentice tricks

    ever see or heard of a tradesmen/apprentice doing something really dumb?

    if you did something really dumb, please share it. there are lessons that deserve teaching.

    it takes a big man to admit when your wrong.

    here's mine.

    i pulled a Vince() during my apprentiship (that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it).

    i was overhead soldering 3" copper on a brand new hwh system. i was over-eager (hint hint) and wanted to solder this 3" because we don't get to do that very often up here (copper hardly breaks).

    i didn't heat the underside of the fitting enough when the solder started to draw onto it. when the solder ran down and came into contact with the cold underside it spit out, on me.

    it happens from time to time that i get spit on by the molten solder. normally no big deal, right? wrong.

    i wasn't wearing safety glasses, a drop/speck landed right on my eye.

    the only reason i still have my vision and my eye is because the solder melted into my contact lens.

    i do have a little black dot/burn in my one eye that is a permanent reminder of my stupidity, or lack of fore-sight.

    please heed my warning, don't take chances.

    take proper safety measures before performing any potentially hazardous jobs.

    it just might your vision, a limb, or your life.

    don't be a Vince.

    take care,


    tradesmen that take needless chances aren't worth working with or employing, apprentices are like our children and need to be taught before they get hurt.

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    Re: dumb tradesmen/apprentice tricks

    Glad it was not worst,

    yes EYE protection is important,
    I wear prescription glasses and seems to always be getting a new nick or pit on the lens, I have wondered what my eyes would have been like with out them, I even made a set of safety glasses for the safety glasses, I took a clip on sun glass frame and put the clear plastic lens that came with the safety glasses before I had the prescription lens in them and now when I am grinding or welding using a cutting torch I put "safety glasses" on the safety glasses,
    in wood working or other I do not find the need to protect the lens as necessary,
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      Re: dumb tradesmen/apprentice tricks

      When I first started doing hvac, my mechanic told me to go in the crawlspace and put a wirenut on incoming power wire for the air handler. Well, I didn't know anything about electricity so I connected the hot and the neutral and put 1 wirenut over both. My mechanic flipped the next day when he saw that, luckily the breaker tripped.
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