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  • Trip to the big city

    Thursday I made a trip to San Fran for the first time in about 5 years,its a 6 hour drive so I rarely go.On the way back I needed a bit of a walk so I stopped at a Home depot to check out the tools.Its been about 15 years since I've been in one but they still are basically the same it seems.
    What kinda amazed me was a few things
    1 the bigger tools were just signs..I wanted to see the big ridgid table saw 1st hand but looking around I didnt even see the box.
    2 the little portable ridgid had so many parts missing that only the tilt could you function even the switch was gone.
    3 mysteriously the bosch and dewalt,i think it was,tablesaws were both complete
    4 there was maybe 10 guys looking at tools and 1 sales guy calling for extra help but after that he just stood there helping no one.
    I didn't stay long as getting any help obviously would have taken a long time.Funny too as I'd pretty much made up my mind that if I actually saw the ridgid setup and could really look it over I'd probably buy one as my truck was empty.And I'd found out the shipping company I use doesn't have a forklift at the drop off point so shipping my big cabinet saw would be a pita.Oh well maybe when I get to Oregon next year I can see one for real.

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    Re: Trip to the big city

    Don't feel too bad about your visit to Home Cheapo. I have 10 locations that all aren't that far and none of they display any of the stationary woodworking machines anymore. What's left of old displays is a disaster at best. I gave up on them for such. I would rather pay more and buy name brand from a serious dealer than put up with the HD mess. As for hand held tools, again I buy from real tool dealers. To me Home Cheapo is for little low cost items where I can grab what I want and go to checkout. Service is totally non existent.

    Home Depot "The P--S You Off Dump" is what I call them. I remember when they actually did have real sales people willing to try and help. NO MORE ... It's worse than Walmart now. Checkouts are all OUT OF ORDER self service or just one line with a human and the line is waaaaaaay long. It takes an hour just to pay. Forget it. I'm going somewhere else.

    Bye Bye Home Depot Dumps

    Sam, While people that own the Ridgid contractor table saw normally do like it, I think Delta and JET are well worth checking out too. To see the real machines you need to go to a serious woodworking machinery dealer. Sometimes they have great deals on used but in good condition true cabinet table saws. If I had a good place for one I can get a very nice Delta Unisaw for about $700 delivered. The problem is my garage isn't a place for good machinery. My nice basement is too full of my junk.

    RANT OFF before I go apeus and howl away again. Good luck
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      Re: Trip to the big city

      Yea I have a griz 5hp cabinet saw thats nice,after I tweaked it, and an old makita 8 1/4'' portable that has uncounted hours on it.The griz is just too heavy to easily ship to Davao an the makita with the hours on it I question the wisdom of shipping.A 24x24x18 box costs me 115 usd to ship over.I might be able to get a jet clone there.I'll look next week when I get there.Power tools cost about 50% more there then an sale price here is why I'm considering shippin one over.At a guess the griz would cost around 4 or 500 to ship.