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DHL Cutting 9,500 Jobs

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  • DHL Cutting 9,500 Jobs

    There will be another 9,500 folks looking for a job soon as DHL (similar to UPS) cuts their jobs. This is going to be a terrible holiday season for a lot of folks.

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    Re: DHL Cutting 9,500 Jobs

    Yes it will be.

    I feel for their employees that may-will loose jobs. As for DHL, I'v had them smash up too many domestic items shipped to me and from me. All were USA to USA addresses.
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      Re: DHL Cutting 9,500 Jobs

      I've had a thing against DHL for awhile now.I priced shipping on a 2 pound package to my wife a few years ago.IIRC ups was like $65,fedex was about $75 and DHL wanted about $135.All for the nearly exact same shipping time to get there.I think part of this is going to some places they just are not competitive in pricing.Then over there I priced the same type package back to here.Fedex was cheapest the other 2 not much more then made no sense at all.Its pretty tough to compete against fedex and ups and perhaps theres 1 too many shippers in the biz.
      Both fedex and ups 3 day service to my wife can take 4 to 6 days,agreed its to a bit of a remote place.Compare that tho to regular postal airmail which is about 2 to 4 weeks and thats if it doesn't get stolen at the post office there.