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2008 Volvo Hybrid Garbage Trucks

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  • 2008 Volvo Hybrid Garbage Trucks

    Less noise and pollution along with fuel savings. This should be nice. I get tired of loud trash trucks early in the morning and worn out brakes rubbing steel shoes into cast iron drums making SKREEEEEEECH racket all the time. Electro Dynamic braking is a good thing.

    By the way this truck uses a huge Li-Ion battery. Think of what it could do powering power tools. A full week between charges and several tools at once.

    The Diesel engine runs only to recharge the battery as needed. It's automatically starts and stops. If you just need to move the truck a short distance, you don't need to startup the engine.

    The GMC hybrid city buses in use in my area only have a large capacitor and not a real battery. They require the engine to be running just to move them.

    Sound is messed up in third video. If you hear nothing it's OK, but keep it on. Later in the video there is sound. By the way, I like the baby dumpsters. Nice idea.
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    Re: 2008 Volvo Hybrid Garbage Trucks

    railroads been doing that for years


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      Re: 2008 Volvo Hybrid Garbage Trucks

      We have to go to the dump on Saturday's.


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        Re: 2008 Volvo Hybrid Garbage Trucks

        I like the idea..BUT,

        Time is money, money is time. Weight is crucial on these.

        What I mean is the amount of refuge you can contain before they run back to the depot and dump.

        The big full sized garbage trucks in my area can weigh 80,000 pounds on a full load before heading back, extremely dangerous and overweight.

        You can tell just by how they are climbing through the gears or watching the tires as they go across the pavement, sometimes even making the pavement move.

        That's how I watch out and be aware of big tractor trailers on the road when I get near them. Watch the tires as they'll tell you if he's empty or not...stay the **** clear if a flatbed truck is truly flat in the center...that's one hell of a heavy load there chester!
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