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  • A Different Perspective

    I just wanted to thank all the folks who contribute here and all the different perspectives they offer. Watching the tv and world news allows me to see other people, places and weather conditions, but this is so much more personal and informative. Through the folks on this Forum I've gotten a better perspective on many issues ranging from politics to the weather. How can I complain about the cold after reading some of what Vince the plumber has to say? I've also enjoyed the discussions regarding trades people and all they have to deal with and their thoughts on business and customers. I know Ridgid offers this Forum as part of their business, but it offers so much more if you are open to listen and learn.

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    Re: A Different Perspective

    I'm shocked to find how many folks enjoyed this Thread and even nominate it because I thought it just got buried! Glad to see so many others agreed with my observations, and thanks for the nod. Frank.