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Customers, and Plumbers they've come to love

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  • Customers, and Plumbers they've come to love

    I have a twisted sense of humor, it's apparent by now.

    I've gained quite a few friendships across the land, by sea, boat and plane.

    Here's a fellow I became friends with last year that doesn't believe any of the stories I tell, but he tells me they're so damn good that he has to believe them just to keep from him going nuts thinking I was able to make it up that fast as I go.

    I trade emails with this fellow a few times a month and I make sure he keeps me far away from his house at times when he'd be most vulnerable.

    Glad the week is over...too cold.

    Everyone is fine and the cold is not of my liking.

    Sunday is my 39th year in captivity here on earth and I'm scheduled to work

    I don't mind, it's all part of the big picture.

    Here's a plan for ya:

    Make a big ole turkey dinner, jam your disposal up so you have to call da plumber

    to get it straightened out. You'll feel obligated you took time away from family,

    so you offer a meal and listen to me for entertainment for four hours. You're

    tired from tripafan sp? and me and can't get me to leave so you can sleep from
    all the

    turkey you ate and I excuse myself to use your bathroom facilities on the 2nd

    because we all know what's going to happen less than 10 feet from the dinner

    I use the facilities, a result of a hardy meal cooked by you, and the toilet
    clogs. I being

    the masterful one that believes job security should always counter kindness and

    I get a call from you at 1 in the morning, concerned and upset that all you did
    was urinate

    in your toilet and the damn thing clogged!

    Funny how these sort of things work? It wouldn't be a matter of questioning
    your sanity,

    it would be the lame attempt of your favorite plumber making a deplorable
    attempt at toilet

    humor with no chance of seeing your reaction, let alone being invited for
    thanksgiving to

    test the waters of your favorite china throne.


    PS: I keep my ears perked around the holidays as premium pay helps justify the
    weight gain I


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    > How's it goin", big guy?
    > You still hanging on to the planet?
    > How is everyone doing?
    > xxxxxxx

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    Re: Customers, and Plumbers they've come to love

    Your half rant half stories often bring a smile to my face.