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  • Ridgid Warranty Maximum

    Some were discussing a Ridgid Warranty issue in another thread and made me think of something.

    I do NOT have the sheet in front of me but I recall when I worked at a Ridgid Distributor supply house that there was a maximum $50.00 no questions asked replacement on any Ridgid Lifetime item. (Ex. Small pipe wrench) You bring it in and the counterperson and/or manager replaced it with no questions. Yes, I saw it happen also.

    I remember reading the sheet faxed to us on the counter about the amount threshold before an item would have to be called in to Ridgid.

    Does anyone know what the dollar amount is now?



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    Re: Ridgid Warranty Maximum

    If I recall correctly, and there's no guarantee on that, there was never an official policy on a dollar amount for replacing defective Ridgid product. We pretty much did as you stated, when a customer would bring in a broken Ridgid hand tool, pipe wrench, strap wrench, etc, we would just give them a new one. Every 3 or 4 months the Ridgid Rep. would come in and write up a credit for all the defective/broken hand tools we had. Power tools, such as threaders, was another story altogether. They would have to be taken to an Authorized Service Center or sent back to Ridgid for repair/replacement/credit.
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      Re: Ridgid Warranty Maximum

      There was a time we could bring anything we wanted, including big pipe wrenches, back to the supply house regardless of what happened and they would hand us a new tool. However, too many people abused the system and brought in tools which had obviously been abused.

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