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    Re: Handling SPAM

    Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
    why was i the one that the waiter spilt the ice tea on

    why not you or joey


    Did you show her the plumberscrack reflexion on the back of a spoon?


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      Re: Handling SPAM

      I'm not sure where the waitress comes into the story but we had a very nice waiter who had the opposite hairline as Adam (more like Bill). He spilled a little bit of Brenda's ice tea down Rick's back. While the waiter was blushing and cleaning he asked if any had gotten on Rick and someone suggested just down his plumbers crack. The guy offered to dry clean Rick's shirt and Rick told him we were all plumbers and use to worse. The guy was very nice and we all had a great time.


      BTW: This was a man's meet (plus wives) and no cherries were shared.
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        Re: Handling SPAM

        I'm not sure, but I think Rick is calling me a waitress since I wiped it off Rick as the waiter got the chair and floor I felt bad for the waiter as he scrambled up suggestions to make up for his accident.

        It was nice evening. Surprisingly Rick acted like a grown up. I know it is shocking, but no tricks were done at the table
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