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Its been a rough day

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  • Its been a rough day

    Hi all.

    I am seeking some solace tonight.

    Today my wifes mother was in a head on collision on the icey roads here in IL.

    This happened around 8am and I have been here at the hospital all day. This is the first time I have had to clear my head.

    I have been married to my wife for nearly 10yrs now and believe it or not my mother-in-law means a great deal to me. She is in a coma right now hooked to life support and has a broken neck and swelling in her brain.

    I am out of tears for the day and exhausted. My wife is a wreck and cant seem to settle down. Everyone is resting for a bit so to clear my head I am here on this forum. I know this is a place where I can come to clear my head and catch a laugh. I will spend the next few minutes on here as my escape from the hardships I am sure to face over the next couple of weeks. I am so thankful for this site and all the great people who make it so enjoyable for me.

    Sorry if I have gotten to mushy but I have not been able to share how I am feeling while trying to be a rock for my wife.

    If any of you are the praying sort please do. Her name is Ginnie.


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    Re: Its been a rough day


    I am so sorry to read this horrible news. Your wife needs a lot of support right now so try to stay strong for her. Your mother-in-law and your family will be in our prayers.

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      Re: Its been a rough day

      Hey Jake,

      I am really sorry to hear about this, I will certainly put Ginnie in my prayers tonight.

      If I can say anything to make you feel better it would be this.

      "The Sun Always Comes Out To Dry Up The Rain"

      Just be strong and keep praying, I will be praying for her.

      God Bless man.



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        Re: Its been a rough day

        sorry to hear, prayers said.
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          Re: Its been a rough day

          I'm sorry Jake.



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            Re: Its been a rough day

            Empathy for you and your loved ones. Prayers are with you from me.



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              Re: Its been a rough day

              Sorry to hear this, Jake. Ginnie and Your family are in our thoughts and prayers.
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                Re: Its been a rough day

                Jake I will pray that Ginnie not suffer and recovers as soon as I log off. You are lucky to have such a good relationship with your wife's mother and ten years is not enough when things are going so well. Her injuries sound very serious and her recovery may be slow at best so try and pace yourself and encourage your wife to take care of herself during this difficult time. Visit here from time to time in order to catch a break from the stress and strain of maintaining a vigile. It is the tough times that test our strength and love, take care. Frank


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                  Re: Its been a rough day

                  Wow! What a shocker. We are so sorry to hear.

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                    Re: Its been a rough day


                    I am so sorry to hear about Ginnie and of course what all of you and your family are going through on this day. Please know that your sharing of this worry with us is received with much empathy. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family on this day. I hope and pray that all will be well and that your entire family will have many joyous days to come with Ginnie's recovery.

                    May God bless you all and provide you with strength and guidance,



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                      Re: Its been a rough day

                      Jake be strong for your family and we will be praying for all of you to get through this

                      i will pm you my cell # if you need to just unload and talk to some one im here to listen


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                        Re: Its been a rough day

                        In this time of despair your family is looking to you for support. I know it is hard when all you want to do is break down, but YOU are their rock.
                        For the first time in years, I will say a prayer, for you and your family.
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                          Re: Its been a rough day

                          Well.... you have all proved my point about this group here.

                          Thanks so much for the encouragement and kind words and prayers. It really helps a lot and I have shared your kindness with my wife. She really appreciates it too.

                          Ginnie has become more stable today but she is still on life support and in a coma. We are hoping for her brain to heal with no lasting effects. We really need her to wake up sooner than later.

                          The neurologist said that he is very surprised at how well she is doing with all things considered. He thought when he came in this morning that she would have had massive swelling. The swelling has actually gone down a little bit and the bleeding in her brain is minimal.

                          Thanks again for all your support and prayers.


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                            Re: Its been a rough day

                            More prayers on the way, get some rest yourself. Hoping for an improvement report tomorrow.


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                              Re: Its been a rough day

                              Hang in there brother.
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