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Please Pray for My Dad

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  • Please Pray for My Dad

    Some of you know my dad was in the hospital.

    Right now he is having a very complex open surgery that will last over 2 hours.

    There are great risks, but if they are successful the dr's say he will have a full recovery.

    Please pray if you read this. Thank you, Caryn

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    Re: Please Pray for My Dad

    I hope the operation is a success. I'll be thinking of you and your Dad.

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      Re: Please Pray for My Dad

      prayers said,
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        Re: Please Pray for My Dad

        I hope things work out for you and your pop Caryn.
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          Re: Please Pray for My Dad

          Prayers said.
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            Re: Please Pray for My Dad

            Ok, my dad is recovering. The surgery was successful we think! He had part of his pancreas , a leaking psuedoscyst, and his gallbladder removed at the same time.
            The only downfall is that they hoped to find the problem that caused his pancreatitis to be found in his gallbladder, but there were no stones found.
            We hope this will now resolve though, even though we do not know what started it.
            He has been hospitalized for 7 weeks.
            Thank you for your prayers, I am going to sleep.


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              Re: Please Pray for My Dad


              I'm glad to hear things went as well as could be expected. I actually work with a guy whose wife had her pancreas completely removed over 30-years ago. Although her blood sugar is a real challenge she seems to have done well without it. I will continue to keep you and your father in our prayers.

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                Re: Please Pray for My Dad


                Just wondering how your father is doing with his recovery.


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                  Re: Please Pray for My Dad

                  Good news is always wonderful.........
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