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Bad Dilemma for Rental Property Owners

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  • Bad Dilemma for Rental Property Owners

    I was one once, pretty much don't want to do it ever again.

    What I heard today was so disturbing that I couldn't even imagine what I'd do in my situation.

    Today in Cincinnati Ohio the one sheriff for Hamilton County announced that he wasn't going to enforce any evictions on renters "who would be put out in the cold" for the holiday season.

    Now, we know times are tough, people are struggling hard, I can see where having a heart in these matters means something for those. But that starts a favoritism to those and not others and that begins a slippery slope with no ending.

    So for an example, there's this guy over there right now with an apartment building where people aren't paying their rent, two were in the process of eviction and the $3400.00/month mortgage isn't getting paid because the rents are not coming in.

    Along with that, word spreads throughout the building now that ALL of them don't have to pay rent because they're not forcing evictions, making them stick.

    The landlord, who's taken upon themselves to operate a business housing people, is now in such arrears facing foreclosure on the property because people aren't paying their contractual duties, and now have a free ticket to ride for MONTHS.

    The bank, who's best interest is to get their money, now has a building full of people that are going to work it like they own it, both the bank and the property have lost the very tool to protect themselves in the event of nonpayment of rent.

    Anyone in Cincinnati could have this blow up in their faces right now with the law against them.....taking months to get their unit back so someone that will pay, will rent.

    I find this all very disturbing, and this is a business getting **** on majorly.

    Like the monkeys who take over the asylum, the landlord has lost all control of their building.

    Can't shut the utilities down, it's against the law and they'll arrest him for that without a blink, but don't pay your rent and live rent free for months without a care? Sure, no problem.

    How would you like to be getting that mounting electric/gas bill for a 14 unit building and even though a few units are empty, the rest are not but you can't get them out to bring a new group in?

    You'll end up on tv if you dare sabotage the building, cut off utilities or not maintain it.

    Not all landlords are bad ones......even though there is quite a few who are. But take this model as just a business, a business that makes money solely on the participants.

    If you've seen the movie "Pacific Heights" with Michael Keaton, you catch my drift on how you're home is NOT your home when you get the wrong people inside it.
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    Re: Bad Dilemma for Rental Property Owners

    Any time I've had to kick someone out, they were losers. The beauty of this is that ALL losers have warrants out for them somewhere. A phone call, a note on the door to the effect that the police will be arriving at such and such a time. The threat alone has always been enough; I've never had to actually get the cops to come out. If, like this guy, the police refused to swing by, I'd phone in an anonoymous tip that meth was being cooked at that address, then warn the losers what was about to happen... or not if they'd truly made me mad at them.
    This is my reminder to myself that no good will ever come from discussing politics or religion with anyone, ever.


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      Re: Bad Dilemma for Rental Property Owners

      That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. That's the kind of thing that makes people take the law into their own hands.

      As a landlord, the last thing I want to do is put people out, regardless of the time of year. But that's how I make a living. I have put time and money into every property I own, and I have to pay a mortgage. If people don't pay their rent, they just put me out of a job.


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        Re: Bad Dilemma for Rental Property Owners

        The laws in Tennessee say that if the utilities are in the landlords name, but the renter pays them, the land lord can have them shut off if not paid in ten days after due.

        My Dad used to have several rental properties and his motto was "If you can't pay, you can't stay". We have moved several people out to the curb when the fell behind in their rent. He was very understanding up to a point, a phone call to him would make a big difference. Some would say they did not have work and could not come up with the rent and he would put them to work on the farm, funny how they always found a job and rent money. I guess they did not like cleaning out fence rows, mucking out the barn or running a hoe in the garden.

        Good luck with it.



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          Re: Bad Dilemma for Rental Property Owners

          I have rented an apartment to several different tenants over the years and it involves work and responsibility. As I understand the sitation you refer to, the sheriff stopped evicting these renters because they were paying their rent but the property owners were not paying their mortgage. The specific example you gave of renters refusing to pay because they had no fear of being evicted speaks to the greed of these lowlifes. There must be some legal avenue for the property owners to either force the law to take appropriate action or be open to a lawsuit? Evicting a family can't be a rewarding job, but you take the job and all the crap that goes with it or quit!


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            Re: Bad Dilemma for Rental Property Owners

            A fellow I used to work for had to evict the renter, this was a mechanics garage. It took well over 90 days to finally get him out legaly.
            First had to file an eviction notice which gave him thirty days to vacate.
            Second had to go back to the judge to get the actual eviction process started. this gave him another thirty days.
            Finally the sheriffs dept. came out with five inmates and three u-haul trucks, loaded the trucks, took his stuff to a rental storage facility and unloaded it.
            The renter had to appear in court to pay back rent, storage fees, u-haul truck fees, court cost, labor for loading and unloading. If he were to not appear in court his belongings would be sold at auction with the money going to the storage facility first, sheriffs dept. second and what was left over to the landlord.
            What a crock, any way you look at this, the LL usually gets stiffed for the money.



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              Re: Bad Dilemma for Rental Property Owners

              I believe he is only refusing to evict people who are being foreclosed upon, at least until after the holidays, because he knows it will take at least that long for a higher court to give him the old "or else" at which point the Holdiays will be over and he can then evict them. I read a story yesterday that in Miami, a group of homeless advocates were finding out about empty houses and helping the people squat in the empty houses, so far the police have not stopped this. Imagine a bunch of homeless wrecking an empty house owned by a far away bank, at some point the bank will find a buyer, then will be po'ed when they see the condition of the house after a bunch of squatters have been living there. Ridiculous!


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                Re: Bad Dilemma for Rental Property Owners

                The sheriff must obey the court order. If he doesn't then he is in contempt of court. Bring this to the attention of the judge who issued the order and watch what happens.